Monday, March 09, 2009

Me and You and Our Friend Blue

-I think the hormones from the Clomid are starting to kick in. I feel, most of the time, more warm and fuzzy and sentimental than usual, but then when things take a turn for the absurdly awful (such as on Saturday,) I can feel the stress taking over every nerve of my body. Like PMS on steroids. I was feeling so crazy angry, too, which is unusual for me. Not even angry at the dog or Addy, per se, but more just at the UNIVERSE. At the mud, and at the rain for making it muddy, and at our yard for being low and soggy, and at the physiology of a toddler's body which makes accidents inevitable, and at myself for not orchestrating things better so none of these events would have occurred, let alone SIMULTANEOUSLY. Also, I'm still feeling sick and sinus-y and tired, and so I am mad at my body for not getting well faster.

-Speaking of not being well yet (nor are the kids, but that's another story,) can I just say that I MISS working out so much? I'm sorry, I know that's barfy and contemptible, but my body feels all pent up and restless and desperate to exert some actual effort beyond refilling sippee and coffee cups and refreshing everyone's cereal bowls. I don't know, maybe that's the Clomid too, but I am longing for the day when everyone feels well enough (or at least is not horking snot around too obviously) to go the Y again.

-And speaking of the Y, in the ten days or so that I haven't gone, I have lost five pounds! Since I haven't been eating any differently (if anything my diet has consisted of MORE processed crap) I can only assume this is muscle. So it really sucks that you can lose it that fast. BUT, let this comfort those of us who have been working out for a while and felt nothing was happening. Obviously some of that fat is at least getting CONVERTED into muscle, even if the scale isn't showing much change.

-Have I mentioned yet that Adelay is now the proud owner of a multitude of imaginary friends? Generally it's the Disney Princesses (blech,) specifically Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty (or as Addy calls her, Shake-a-booty.) There is also a magical horsey/unicorn who makes occasional appearances. Nothing gets you more brownie points than playing along and including these invisible friends in whatever you happen to be doing.

-Eli has grown frighteningly obsessed with Blue's Clues. He quivers with joy and chuckles uncontrollably when he hears the opening song, and as soon as the credits start appearing, he goes toddling across the room at breakneck speed to find a grown up to turn another episode on. This morning he was in bed with me, and I woke up to see him smiling toothily in his sleep. He kept giggling softly, then sighing in pleasure. I have no doubt that there was an episode of Blue's Clues reeling through his little brain. Yikes. Methinks it might be time to cut him off cold turkey.

-And who's THIS? Why, it's David, whose thrilling entry into the world I was privileged to witness about six weeks ago. You vaguely remember my wild, spastic delight over that, right? And look at him now! (Actually, this picture is two weeks old, but you get the idea.) Look at those bright eyes! Look at the tiny HAND waving! And oh, but you should feel him curled up on your shoulder! I have honest-to-God physical reactions every time I hold him, and I'm not even really a huge newborn fan. He's is SO SWEET! I want one. Preferably without the annoyance of pregnancy, kthax?


Jess said...

Ugh. PMS on steroids sounds AWFUL. For what it's worth, I think you're handling it very well. I'd be homicidal.

Swistle said...

OMG that newborn!!! LOVE HIM!!!

Also, when I'm going stir-crazy for physical activity, I do jumping jacks. It's not the Y, but it helps with that restless-muscle feeling.

d e v a n said...

Your kids are super cute and that baby? Awwwwwwwww

clueless but hopeful mama said...

First let me say that I didn't comment on your last post but laughed and felt a kindred-spirit-y feeling because my life? IS LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME. (or so it seems when I'm all pregnant and huge and hormonal.)

The only other pressing thing I have to say is this: I would totally get into princesses if one was named "shake-a-booty". HAhahahA!

Oh! one more pressing thing: that little infant? With the tiny hat and little hand and open perfect face? Makes me a little less terrified about baby #2 because I desperately want to snuggle with him (and I mean that in a totally non-stalkery way). So thank you.

Bird said...

You know, if there had been a Princess Shake Your Booty maybe i would have been more interested in princesses as a kid. I think I must have been a tomboy because I liked to run around outside a LOT!

Be thankful that Eli likes Blues Clues so much. I can't get Charlie to give any TV program more than about two minutes of attention and his favorite show so far is Friends, which I think is a sign that I pop in the DVD's too much.

desperate housewife said...

Bird- AHHH! Our kids can have inappropriately adult-themed sitcom playdates together! Both my kids love Friends. And The Office. Like, Addy requests it when I ask if she'd like to watch a DVD.

Astarte said...

That is the cutest baby I've seen in a long time, and I see a lot of babies at MOPS. mmwah!

I find that situps sometimes take the edge off for me. I don't know why. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!!! Also, 5lbs of muscle loss sucks ass.

Kelsey said...

Imaginary friends can be so fun! Harper had one named Barbeque... I can't wait until there is a movie about princess shake-a-booty!