Monday, June 09, 2008

So Random

-Re: tomorrow's Oprah show about so-called "people who are facing death." Shouldn't the adjective "imminent" be in front of the word death? I mean, who among us isn't facing death?

-Dear period: How cute of you to come casually waltzing back into my life, all, "Oh, HAI, were you expecting me a week ago? Sorry, got tied up there for a bit." For the future, please keep in mind that in these situations, fashionably late is three days tops. Anything beyond is just plain rude.

-A regular brownie mix, jazzed up with shredded coconut and chocolate chips, has amazing and reliable soothing properties. (I'm beginning to think it would be more appropriate to keep chocolate in my first aid kit instead of the pantry.)

-Ughh... The "terrible two's" are so cliche. But SO aptly named. "My do it! Is MINE! No, no potty- I PWAYING! Mommy, no DO that! Give me dat! Did I mention IS MINE!"

-Eli is crawling. And gnawing on electrical cords which he clearly has had earmarked for his snacking pleasure since the day he laid eyes on them. He hadn't been crawling twenty minutes before he motored on over like a trained missile in pursuit of its target. This new found mobility has also led to a dramatic hike in toy disputes and therefore on the decibel level of the Whine Meter in our house.

-I so love this area of the country, where fall lasts about a month and spring about two hours. Everything in between is bitterly cold or soul-suckingly hot. I just want to lie around on a chaise in flowing dresses, like a tragic, wilting flower, and suck down drinks. (Perhaps I am channeling Blanche DuBois?)


Marie Green said...

Ohhhh, did you see the Oprah re: past lives??? I want to talk about it with someone, but I haven't found anyone who's seen it yet... Past lives- fascinating possibility or a load of poo??? I've been contemplating and thinking about it since I watched it (on DVR) last week.

Maggie said...

I think that you might have found the one episode of Oprah I haven't seen yet! Or maybe I'm just not remembering -- I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

Either way - I hope that you have a quiet and cool afternoon -- whining and heat is a no fun combination!

Banana said...

I love this post. I actually lol'd.

Anonymous said...

You must live near me! We totally skipped the 20 degree temperature range that is actually comfortable outside.

Swistle said...

Dang it, it's 10:00 at night and now I want brownies.

Jess said...

We didn't have a spring either. It was cold, and then it rained, and now it is HOT. GAHHHHHH.

Glad you got your period!

Bird said...

I start channeling Blanche on Memorial Day and don't stop until Labor Day. I seriously think that people talk slower in the south because we're being weighed down by the humidity. It could be true!

Oprah is always so dramatic. It's the way she talks. The woman could say: People. With HAIR! in her throaty, serious voice and you would turn in to see what the deal is. It's like she can't help herself.

andi said...

Ooh, the second one. I'm still mad at my period for tricking me into thinking that I was several months pregnant and had been drinking the whole time! The good news is that I'm not pregnant. The bad news is, no one sent my stomach the memo.

Tessie said...

You know, I'm not huge on chocolate (Sorry. SORRY!), but I DO love the chocolate/coconut combo.

I felt like we had ZERO spring this year. ZERO I SAY!

Saly said...

Oh God, the weather here is the same!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Well, I'm glad that you got your period and are no longer totured by the waiting.

Mmmm, the coconut/chocolate brownies sounds yummy!

Oh, the terrible two's! Ugh!

Oh boy, Eli is going to be one of those kids. Getting into everything in sight. That's how Zachariah was up until he was about 18 months. He got into EVERYTHING. I couldn't take him places that I didn't know, because he'd knock down every item within his reach if he was loose.

Oh the summer! Yikes, I hope it doesn't stay like this for much longer. Although it doesn't seem half-bad, because it was hotter and way more humid in Tennessee when we were on vacation. We came home to HOT, but it didn't seem quite as HOT. And I'm very thankful for our central air. I don't know how you do it.