Monday, April 02, 2007

Further Complaints About Naps

Blech, I think I'm getting sick. Addy was a little sickly the last few days with a cold, and now my throat hurts and I feel like I have the chills even though it's very warm and pretty outside today. I fought it for awhile today and tried to pretend I wasn't feeling bad- we went to the park and played outside. Had to take advantage of the weather since it's supposed to SNOW later this week!! Then we got home and Adelay actually ate most of her lunch, and tried some new fruits, so that made me really happy.
Then I tucked her in for a nap, thinking, She'll be so tired after all that outdoor time, and tucked myself down for a nap in the next room. But she never slept at all! Just played with her Baby Leapfrog toy for awhile, then started jumping and yelling. After a half hour of kind of sleeping, kind of listening to her, I was getting that crazed, hallucinating sensation, so I eventually gave up and put her in the play yard with a movie and some snacks, then sneaked back to bed. Thank goodness for Baby Einstein! She played for about an hour in there with nary a peep, so I think I did get some sleep after all. And now I must go because my nose is running. Grrr.
Okay, and I'm back. Has anyone noticed that my posts are getting shorter and more scatterbrained lately? And that they have mostly to do with food or napping? I feel like that pregnant brain thing is hitting me. I have this theory that being pregnant makes you act like an infant yourself for awhile. You suddenly care only about eating and sleeping, require both these things far more frequently than you ordinarily would, and become very angry indeed when these needs are not met.
I don't know if any of you try to envision your invisible blogger friends, but for the next four to five months, you can just imagine me lurching toward either the bedroom or the kitchen pretty much every two hours on the hour, looking grim and purposeful.


Swistle said...

Yeah, that's what it is: a "crazed, hallucinating sensation." I get that so much during pregnancy and the new-baby stage.

I agree: pregnancy is all about food and sleeping, and the endless pursuit of both. Well, and also about crabbiness and soreness.

Suburban Oblivion said...

Sorry to hear it, being sick when you are pregnant is a bitch!! Hope you feel better soon!

Jess said...

Hope you feel better soon too!!

Swistle got it right, at least for me. It's not about food and sleeping, but rather the pursuit of food and sleeping, which never really works out for me. I have an insane appetite that nothing seems to fill. I stand in front of the cupboard and nothing looks good to me, so I just opt for a glass of water. And naps, hmmmmm....what's that :)

Lisa said...

You are sooo right about this. Your post made me realize why I know we did the right thing by stopping with babies after our "SUPRISE" fourth one.

I hope you feel better soon.