Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 Quick, Easy Ways To A Pounding Migraine!

1. Wake up to see snow on the ground when it was a sunny 80 degrees two days ago.
2. Realize that you are not getting better, as you had thought, but that your throat hurts again and your sinuses are totally clogged. Enjoy the pain through your abdomen every time you cough thanks to a separated stomach muscle (ah, pregnancy!)
3. Decide to take your child to the mall to do some birthday shopping for a party tonight. Realize halfway there that the stroller is still in your garage, but decide to keep going and hope for the best.
4. Allow the fact that you should SO have gone back for the stroller to penetrate your stuffy, congested head about five minutes into the mall.
5. Enjoy the "lesser of two evils" decision you must make about every five minutes: let Addy walk, and thereby accomplish nothing at all but to chase her around, or carry her, and endure the sore tummy and sheen of cold sweat which you will get for your troubles. This option, too, leaves you accomplishing very little.
6. Stop at Subway to eat because you're getting shaky, but foolishly assume that your child will be happy with her sippy cup, and fail to order her her own drink WITH A STRAW. Eat your lunch quickly and miserably as your kid screams every five seconds for a drink FROM THE STRAW and throws your chips everywhere.
7. Enjoy the looks from strangers as your kid pulls things off their shelves and runs away from you, yelling, "Nooo, Mommmy, nooo!" Wonder if perhaps your parenting skills leave something to be desired.
8. Wonder for the hundredth time why you didn't take some pregnancy-approved Sudafed before you left for this ill-conceived errand.
9. Briefly ponder purchasing an umbrella stroller- surely it is worth the fifteen bucks at this point. Put Addy in one for a test run, but she screams her head off and violently pounds her head against it. You realize it is too late for a stroller. It is time to go home.
10. Get home, feed the kid lunch, and put her to bed. Prepare lunch for husband, who is home SICK, and then prepare to leave for the grocery store, blessedly alone. Hear Addy on the monitor, NOT sleeping. Wish fervently for a brick wall to pound your head against.


jess said...

Yikes.....these are the days we wish we could have a nice tall glass of Merlot. I hope your day gets better!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Your day sounds almost as much fun as mine. HA! At least Zachariah was good in the store. I wanted to hit the mall, but didn't have the guts to do it on a day like today.

Shauna said...

You deserve some chocolate!!

Devan said...

ugh. What a crappy day. Yet another reason why pg women (especially those with toddlers) should be allowed to drink.

Swistle said...

This is so funny / not funny! Let Adelay watch TV and break out the Sudafed and Reese's cups for Mommy, that's my suggestion.

Jennifer said...

Feel better soon! Sounds like my day yesterday!

jen said...

oh man what a day!

I made the mistake of just running in without a stroller once. But she wasn't walking so I had to carry her. I kept seeing more and more stuff I needed and was balancing all these things plus a baby, because I didn't grab a basket (thinking I was only getting 2 items!) My arm was going to fall off by the time I got back to the car.