Thursday, April 12, 2007

Addy's Big Girl Bed

Toddler Bed
So this is Adelay's new bed, except that hers has a flat headboard instead of slatted, and is now on its way here in a lovely oak. I'm pretty excited about it, but it seems like it's one of those things... One of those things that's a big, cool step, but might actually be opening a whole new can of worms. Like potty training. End result, good. Process to achieving end result, not so fun.
We won't actually be introducing the bed for another month at least, I'm thinking. But our doctor said we should get her moved into her big girl bed in her new room at least a month before the baby comes so she doesn't feel displaced by the baby and hold it against him. So probably around June or July we'll make the transition.
If you have a toddler or have had a toddler, when did you move them to a toddler bed? Or when do you plan to?


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, nice bed. Hmm, we haven't even thoguht about a toddler bed yet. For now I won't think about it until he's trying to climb out of his bed (which could be in a month or so at this rate). But he's only 13 months, so I'm not too concerned yet. I suppose if there was another one on the way, I'd think about it more seriously.

Swistle said...

We moved our first toddler to a big kid bed (a twin bed) when he was about 2 years old--a month or two before the new baby arrived. Our second toddler we moved to a big kid bed when he was closer to 2 and a half--there was no new baby so we weren't in a hurry, and he's a secondborn so he was less likely to follow rules like "stay in bed."

The twins are 22 months old and still in cribs. I have a little Graco bassinet that holds up to 30 pounds (it's like a miniature pack-n-play) for the new baby, so there's time. Probably I'll move them when they're a few months past being two years old--it kind of depends on how likely I think they are to get out of bed and run around the house.

Jennifer said...

We bought a convertible crib and as long as he hasn't figured out how to climb out, I'm all for keeping him caged!

I can't imagine what it will be like when he can get in and out of bed by himself. You're right about the end result...good, but getting there...yikes!

Shauna said...

Nice bed!

I always had a twin bed in Nicholas' room. I used to use it when I was nursing him as a baby.

We did it gradually. When he was about 18 months I got truck sheets, blankets and pillows for him and put them on his bed. I didn't say anything. I just did it. It made him interested, but not enough to sleep in it. He prefered to sleep on his crib mattress which was on the floor (we took him out of the crib at about 13 months because he was climbing out of it).

After a couple of weeks, we got to the point where every morning when he woke up and every night before bed, he wanted to cuddle in the big bed.

And then one night he said he would sleep in the big bed. I left the crib mattress in his room for about 2 weeks and then took it away.

I was lucky.

jen said...

I moved my daughter when she was well over 2 and climbing in and out of her crib at her leisure. I figured I'd save her the trouble ;) I was not in a rush since I bought my son his own crib rather than boot her out (she was only 17 months old anyway, and very happy in her crib.)

I just bought the bed, announced that we were getting a new bed. Took the crib apart while she was right there, and she kept asking me all kinds of questions and I just told her what I was doing and why... then I brought the bed out and she "helped" me put it together. She knew it was hers, and while she will rarely nap on it, she did go right to sleep for the night. For 3 nights she got up and I had to tell her to go back to bed but it was just a boundary-testing thing.

Mimi said...

Good question! My little guy will be 22 months old when our new baby comes this fall. Like you, I want him to be established in a "big boy" (toddler) bed well before the baby comes so he doesn't feel like he's been kicked out.

I love the toddler bed you picked out. Especially with the drawer underneath... handy!

moodswingingmommy said...

Good luck! We moved our son to a full size mattress on the floor when he was about 16 or 17 months old, then onto a big boy bed when he was around 2 and a half (3 months before baby sister arrived). We skipped the toddler bed entirely and it worked out fine.

I guess we are lucky. We've never had problems with him staying in bed, and only kept the bed rails on for about a month. He's never fallen out.

Nice bed!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Gillian was 2 yrs, 4 mths when we moved her to a twin bed, and we only did it then because somebody gave us a cool one for free. She wasn't climbing out and I wasn't pregnant so I didn't care how long she was in her crib.
She was old enough that she "helped" us put it together and wanted to stay in it.
The biggest problem we still have is her coming in our bed at 3am. But she stays in there just fine when we originally put her down.

CAQuincy said...

I moved my first into a toddler bed at around 22-23 mos. Same reason: new baby coming in two months. It really wasn't too bad. A couple nights of crawling into the bed with her to soothe her--but I'd say it really took about a month for her to adjust. Our second had no problems adjusing either--and I did it at about the same age. With the third, I did it a little sooner--right about 19 mos. We moved, and I didn't feel like setting up the crib again (and my hubby broke off a "chunk" in the move). It was harder with her, but I believe that was mainly due to the move--she did great at first, but for some reason gradually ended up in bed with me. Now she's past 2 and back on track again (and she NEVER gets out of it once she goes down in it). Anyway, like swistle I also had a bassinet for the babies. If you have one of those, you really don't need to rush as much since you have about 3 mos after the baby is born before he/she's going to be using the crib. Lots of wiggle room there. I was just "panicked" about the whole thing. Now I know better....