Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upon Waking From My Drug Induced Coma

1. The early spring has done great things for my mood in general (although unfortunately, the pregnant weepies have really hit me hard all of the sudden. I have cried every day about some stupid thing or another for like a week straight.) Howevs, I kind of forgot about the fact that I have some sort of adult-onset seasonal allergy b.s. that hits in spring and fall like clockwork. I always forget, until it reminds me with a BAT OVER THE HEAD. Oh, the summer of Jameson's pregnancy it was hellish, epic, couldn't breathe for weeks on end, and in fact hours after delivering him when they asked if I wanted pain pills, I practically grabbed the nurse by her scrubs and said, "Screw that, I want CLARITIN!" Ahem. Anyways, it's sizing up to be like that again. I am officially miserable unless I take a Bendryl, and then I'm officially comatose and sleep for three hours. It's not a workable solution. I know plenty of people take Claritin through pregnancy, and I'm starting to think I might have to if it doesn't improve soon. I'm going through a box of tissues a day, can barely wear my contacts because my eyes itch so bad, and I look and sound like I have the world's grossest cold so it kind of sucks going anywhere in public.

OK now internet, work your charm and erase the problem I have publicly complained about!

2. Having a daughter sure has it's perks. Every time I go shopping or get dressed up she has an opinion, and since she's little it's usually still positive. I went shopping for my niece's birthday today and when she got home she was absolutely gushing over what I had chosen. Such a nice little ego boost, especially when your other kid's only contribution to the shopping was to whine, hide in clothing racks, and yell, "I hate that! It's ugly! Let's gooooo!"

3. I love Christina Perri's song "One Thousand Years" so much I think I want it as the background song to our birth picture slideshow (because yes, I loved the one my friend made me after Jameson was born so much that I'm already thinking about this one!) I think the lyrics are actually quite fitting, but it's such a romantic sounding song. Plus it's from TWILIGHT, which is... weird? Yes/no?

4. I stumbled upon a couple of names today to add to the list. One of them was Evelise/Evelyse, and immediately sent me into raptures because it combines the Evelyn sound and the name Elise, which has been on our middle name list forever but which I found a bit abrupt-sounding for a first name. And then I remembered, hours later, that it presents the exact same problem of Eli's full name (Elias): our last name starts with an "St-" sound, so anything ending in an "s" gets blurred in and sounds confusing when you say the full name, unless you really enunciate and speak slowly (as though to an idiot.) I wish I had realized it when we were naming Eli, but at least he almost always goes by his derivative (which we chose first and worked from) and not his given name.

5. HOWEVER. The other name I found I still love, a lot, and amazingly both kids enthusiastically endorsed it when asked their opinions. That hasn't happened yet for even a single other suggestion. And Jim liked it too, so it is on the list! I like it so much in fact that I'm not going to tell (I KNOW!) because we decided we're going to keep our final choice/choices a secret. We've never done that before, and I think it sounds fun. Assuming the kids play along, of course.

I will tell you that it is three syllables, it is not an invented or blended name (like Adelay or Evelyse!) but it is definitely unusual. It's a place name, it starts with a consonant, and it is not at all hard to pronounce or spell. It's very elegant. Any guesses? (Maybe if someone actually guesses it I'll crack and tell.)


Swistle said...

I have an acquaintance whose child's name is Evelina (evv-ah-LEE-na), or Evelia (evv-ah-LEE-ah) would be nice too.

I guess Vienna or Geneva!

AM said...

Have you tried the saline in the canister? My brother who can't take things like claritin and the like swears by it and it is non-addictive. Then there is always a nedi-pot.

Name guess: Madison

Daycare Girl said...

OOH, I like Geneva. Swistle has good ideas. :)

I'm guessing your choice is a European city rather than an American one, because many of those, while nice, are no longer unusual. Plus even though Adelay probably isn't actually French, it sort of feels French to me and I think a more foreign sounding name goes with your style better.

Having said that, all I can think of to guess is Savannah that fits the criteria, but I don't really think it's that. I'm going to be racking my brain for more choices all day! :)

Oh. Helena?

Anonymous said...

Monster Headphones

Katy said...

Not your style at all, but I had picked the name Marietta for this baby nn Etta. Sadly, no girls for me so all my favorite girly names have gone to waste.

Swistle's guesses are much closer to your style.

Have you already considered Everly? I know someone who recently named a daughter that and it's a pretty name and Ever makes a really cute nn.

Allergy city up in here too--thankfully, I do OK with the Benadryl.

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

I also go for Helena :-)