Friday, March 02, 2012

Hey! All Of These Bullets Are Positive!

Yes, here I am, posting again. I'll tell you why I pretty much become Little Model Blogger (at least in posting frequency) as soon as my morning sickness faded: because while I am no longer lying prone on the couch to prevent heaving, I am still tired and lazy a lot, and my tummy is sore and I'm always getting these painful Braxton Hicks whenever I bend over to pick things up, so... when I'm home, I mostly just want to sit around while staying semi engaged with (read: protecting from at least most catastrophes) the boys.

They usually want to play in the den, where the trains and the Legos and the Netflix access and the music reside, and so, coincidentally, does the pc. Hence here I am, blogging a boring stream of consciousness while watching with one eye as my youngest children tumble gleefully around off furniture like klutzy puppies in a cage. Occasionally, when the puppies need their noses wiped or start whacking each other with train tracks, I get up. (Or sometimes I don't even bother intervening, if the situation seems too mystifying to resolve. Ex: Eli just scolded Jamie for messing up his "best pair of pants." He was referring to the throw pillow he was holding out accusingly. Imaginative, or already abusing hallucinogenic drugs without my knowledge?)

Anyways. This post is getting even more boring and rambly than I thought it would be. I did have a few specific things I wanted to say! I think!

-Internet magic has worked again, re: complaints being resolved as soon as you post about them. I feel baby girl kicking pretty frequently now, even when I'm not holding super still and maintaining the magical perfect position. They're those weird fluttery kicks that almost make you feel nauseous, like a pinball bouncing around against your stomach, but they're noticeable and daily and I feel much better now.

-The magic also worked for the boring Girl Scouts issue. They recently did a World Thinking activity that was genuinely interesting and fun, and the last couple of meetings were focused on working towards badges and not just on running wild. There was still cherry punch, but whatevs.

-Jim gave me my second progesterone shot last night (first one he's done himself) and he was so dang good at it, you guys! He had done the alcohol swab and drawn up the meds and flicked the needle and everything, and I was holding my breath waiting and waiting to feel it puncture my skin. I finally asked impatiently, "Is it IN yet?" (yes, ha ha, little sex joke there) because all I could feel was some pressure- in my mind he was just standing there nervously with the needle against my butt, trying to gather his courage to actually break my skin and push it in. But lo and behold he had already done that and was mostly done injecting the hormone by the time I asked. The needle went in even more smoothly than when the nurse did it, because with her I can always feel when it punctures my skin, even though it doesn't actually hurt too badly.

Now, afterwards, when I stood back up, it hurt a lot for a few minutes. I think maybe Jim pushed the needle a little further into my muscle than he needed to, in his concern that he got it in far enough and didn't have to do the shot over again. That after-pain kind of startled me, since the actually shot hadn't hurt at all, so I totally freaked poor Jim out, first praising him and then suddenly yelping and grabbing my hip. But it went away after a minute and doesn't hurt at all today, so, I still think for his first time giving an injection that he did very well. Maybe he should forget about software engineering and go to med school.

-Lastly, I think I may finally have birthed a child with common sense. Jameson is already the most cooperative of all three kids when it comes to having his nose wiped. He doesn't try to lick his damp upper lip while evading his tissue wielding parents, and he'll even try to wipe his own nose if he finds the Kleenex box. Also: he seems to be trying to BLOW his nose, a skill that STILL mostly eludes both his older siblings. You can't imagine how happy this makes me, as snotty nosed kids remain one of my biggest pet peeves. I think they're right up there with drug dealers in terms of social menace.


Sarah said...

I had lots and lots of progesterone with my babies (twice a week for the first trimester, once a week after). Something that helped was when the nurse would rub the injection site after. Progesterone is very thick and syrupy and rubbing it kept it from just settling in one spot. I mean, it still hurt like the dickens, but at least it hurt less!

d e v a n said...

Miss L is my first child to willingly blow her nose. She, at barely 2, can actually BLOW it which the 4 & 3 year olds still don't do. It is a nice skill, indeed!

Anonymous said...

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