Thursday, March 29, 2012

Allergies, Home Additions, Hormone Shots... Definitely A First-World Problems Post

The state of everything:

Health: I think my allergy flare up was maybe a cold. My misery level has ratcheted way down, even though the weather is still going bonkers in terms of temperature fluctuations, so I should still be a mess and I'm only kind of mess. Heh. Also, Eli and Jamie, who I thought were enjoying some nice hay fever symptoms as well, seem kinda-maybe actually sick (sorry, Jess!) I became convinced when Eli told me today that he didn't feel like going to swim class and could he just stay home. That has never happened, so...

House: We worked on drawings again last night with the new contractor and my brother in law, an architect. He's going to give us two final options to choose from, one with an extra little nursery/office off of our room and one without but with a bigger bathroom, and we're going to make a choice, and that will be IT. And then on to the actual digging out of crawlspace and laying foundation and tearing our backyard all to hell! I feel really bad for the neighbors whose backyard butts up to ours. They're trying to sell their house this summer, and our yard is going to go from it's usual muddy, unmown, toy strewn state to something so very much worse. I feel like we should offer to buy them a fence or something.

Pregnancy: Twenty five weeks tomorrow! Other than being ridiculously tired all the time despite sleeping eight hours every night and often napping as well, I feel pretty ok. Baby likes to hang out breech and randomly stomp on my bladder, so I'm just waiting for the day when I pee myself in public, but other than THAT... My belly is just cute big right now, noticeable but not large enough to be alarming strangers or anything quite yet. It is, however, large enough to make me never want to bend over to pick stuff up off the floors anymore, so unless I go drill sergeant and make the kids pick up, our floors are constantly littered with random junk. Whatevs. I'm tired of yelling at them about everything else to bother nagging them to clean!

Seriously, between the pregnant (with a girl) hormones and the extra hormone shots each week, I am like a walking, talking poster for the symptoms of PMS. Except it's all. the. time. I'm irritable, I'm easy to cry, I'm exhausted, my feelings hurt easily... I'm definitely not doing as well emotionally during this pregnancy as I did the last one. I mostly felt kind of serene then, floating above all petty concerns in my little Madonna and child bubble. (I mean, I'm sure I had my moments, family who are rolling your eyes. I just didn't feel crabby as a general state of mind.) I know I have extra stressers this time that I didn't have then, but I still wish I could snap myself out of it. I feel extra pressure (from myself of course) to enjoy this pregnancy, this newborn phase, this nursing phase, because it's probably the last time. But it seems like our house is just destined to be Chez Crazy this summer, and the baby will be plopped right into the madness! Poor little Magnolia-Liberty-Vienna-Evelina-whatever the heck her name ends up being. :)


d e v a n said...

Ugh, hormones! I always hated that perpetual PMS feeling!

Saly said...

I had a dream that you named your baby girl Mahogany. Just FYI. :)

I can't wait to see what you decide on for the addition. How fun!

Scottish Twins said...

Hope you feel better soon!

You don't need to apologize. Gabe seems to be fine :)