Thursday, March 03, 2011

Surprise! More Whining! Oh Yeah, And A Recipe

Before I continue to complain about the Plague, I must refer you to Misty's comment in my previous post, wherein she explains how she used to have to basically straight jacket her son to get him to take his medicine. US TOO. He's had three doses of it so far and every single time, what should have been about a twenty second process has taken at least twenty minutes, beginning with a gentle talk about how everyone needs medicine, if he takes it quickly he'll barely even taste it, look, we can stir it into some juice! blah blah blah, then on to the bribery, then the frustration and threats of bedtime and lots of "Do you WANT to stay sick?! YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS!" finally deteriorating into two adults grimly holding a child down and pouring medicine down his throat while he gags and sputters and screams and the other two children stare at what basically looks like some water boarding type torture. AND I now have to call the doctor to get more of the medicine because about three quarters of it has been miserably spat out and uselessly drooled onto the floor. Good bye, thirteen dollars worth of antibiotics! Good bye, sanity!

Oh AND AND Jameson's been on his antibiotics for two days now (with only barely more pleasant episodes of medicine administering) and is still only nursing enough to stay alive, basically. I have never had to pump so much in my life. I actually have milk in my freezer, for the first time ever! The baby is still wetting a few diapers a day, and crying tears, so the doctor said he's not dangerously dehydrated yet, but man does this suck. And he is so unhappy because he's hungry... he wakes up at night SCREAMING, and it takes me five minutes to calm him down before I can even try to get him to latch on. Then he'll drink for five minutes, if that, before returning to miserable angry screaming, then finally chew his fingers to get to sleep. The instant diarrhea (with subsequent instant diaper rash) from the antibiotics isn't helping him, any, either. Sigh. Anyone know if it's safe to give babies acidophilus powder? And yes, I've tried giving milk to him from bottles with no luck. Should I just use a medicine syringe and try to get a few teaspoons right down his throat?


P.S. Day 20's topic is a favorite recipe. So uh, here ya go: my current favorite recipe.

Sarah's Winter Special

1. Go to any drugstore
2. Casually peruse aisles/frantically comb store with the nose of a bloodhound to find section of clearance Valentine's Day merchandise.
3. Select as many giant boxes of chocolate as you can buy at once time without feeling shamed. (This will vary to personal ability. I for instance can buy up to four at a time without acting like a guilty addict at the check out counter.)
4. Alternate sips of coffee with bites of chocolate. Continue throughout day as needed for mental health.
5. Pump a lot of milk to try to suck the fat out. (This also will vary according to ability. You personally may not be lactating. In which case, eh, maybe don't eat the whole WHOLE box in one day. Or do. Who cares.)


Swistle said...

Oh, and the DISHWASHER on top of everything!!

I have probably told you this tip already, and now you are probably going to think, "You know, if it WORKED I'd be DOING IT," but I will tell you anyway in case I never DID tell you AND you hadn't thought of it. When I worked in a daycare I had to force a lot of children to take medicine, and for the highly-resistant ones I used this method: give them one single drop at a time, with a pause between. It's too small an amount for them to spit out or avoid swallowing. It still takes 20 minutes to give them the dose, but it all goes IN.

Sarah said...

Swistle- no I hadn't heard that idea yet! I love it! At least no screaming and mutual misery, even if it DOES take forever.

Scottish Twins said...

Probiotics are definitely safe for babies. I gave it to both of my boys as babies.

Planet Health has a powder specifically for babies and toddlers in their freezer section.

d e v a n said...

Your recipe sounds delicious to me. ;)

Yes, you can give him probiotics. My ped always suggested Culterelle, you can open the capsule and give half of it. we would give antibiotics at breakfast and dinner, and the Culterelle at lunch.

Anonymous said...

I am so so sorry. I hope you find relief soon.

Marie Green said...

Man, next time have them give him a shot of antibiotic instead. Shots are no fun, but at least they are quick and over with.

Have you tried nursing James while he's mostly sitting up? I'm sure you probably have, but if you haven't, I'd try that. I think I remember "dream nursing" Marin too, when she was sick and miserable... going in and waking her before she woke screaming, and put her to breast half-asleep.

Man, this all suck SO MUCH. I'm so sorry. I'm feeling especially empathetic because we just got over ALL being sick here, too, so it's nice and fresh...

Oh, and YES, it is fine to give baby acidopholus (however you spell it). You can sprinkle it in a bottle or over baby food.

Hang in there!

Kelsey said...

I have no advice but I'm just so sorry. This has been a brutal, brutal winter for illness. I hope it ALL gets better soon - and that Swistle's medicine trick works!

Mary said...

I'm kind of late to comment but thought I would share my tips.
Cup feeding, using one of those flexible plastic medicine cups that you can get at the pharmacy, or come with liquid cough syrup, worked great with my son when the pressure of nursing hurt his ears too bad for effective nursing. You would be surprised how good a baby can be at sipping!
For the rash, it might actually be a yeast rash, common when on antibiotics. Check with your doc first, but ours suggested over the counter fungal cream, the kind you get for athletes foot or Girly yeast infections. We used it twice a day and it was much more affective at clearing up the rash caused by antibiotics. That part was almost worse than the sickness the caused the need for the antibiotics in the first place! I have no good suggestions for the med giving, I can relate to the horrid "child abuser" feelings I'd get too! Good luck!