Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictoral Updates

First of all, my last post was totally lacking any baby shots because I left my camera at Jess's house after the birth. Whoops. And I also lost it in the shuffle during the labor, so I don't have any pictures of immediately after Grace was born, unfortunately. But here's a before and after of baby! With red eye of course, because I am the worst photographer/photo editor EVER. Seriously, it's all I can figure out to download and upload them, let alone tweak them. Ah well. Still cute!

Also, many requests were made for before and after shots of Teh Hair. I of course did not TAKE a before shot, so I had to scour my archives to try to find a picture of me that accurately represented how my hair usually looked pre-haircut. Here's the best I could find.

Basically, low ponytail/messy bun thing, because if it was a HIGH ponytail my head would throb by the end of the day from the weight of my hair. It didn't look terrible or anything, but it certainly didn't look especially pretty either, and there's just so much of it that I literally never ever did the work to straighten or curl it and leave it down around my shoulders in any sort of feminine/sexy style.

So when it WAS down around my shoulders, it just looked insane. How to describe it? You know how in movies, women are always releasing their hair slowly from it's bindings and then shaking it down all sexy-like and it just leaves the men drooling with desire? Yeah, imagine the opposite of that. Like it literally was so thick it was as wide as my shoulders on either side. It was kind of wavy, but the weight of my hair pulled out most of the wave, so it was more just like... bumpy. With a permanent crease from my hair elastic. HAWT.

Here we have post haircut, but not styled in any way, not even blow dried. I did brush it and try to tuck the craziest bits behind my ears. And yes, I purposely took this before shot right after rolling out of bed and without any makeup, to further enhance the better-ness of the following photo.

Hmm. I see my eyes look a little crazy. Oh well. Just trust me that it looks a lot better that way. Much silkier, and in the back especially lays much better- it's quite a bit shorter in back, and sort of stacked, though I do loathe that term for some reason. So that's presumably how it will look all the time once I do the chemical straightening. Or maybe even a little better! Dare to dream.

And then as long as we're doing updates, here's the two cousins together with my sister Laura:

Neither looks especially thrilled, alas. They'll grow on each other.


Nik-Nak said...

Awesomely cute hair! I hate the ponytail headache also.

Swistle said...

I love the hair! I like the first way even better, but then, I am always telling my stylist to "give me lots of little flippy bits!"

Sarah said...

Swistle- I know what you mean, and if my hair would hold STILL like that it'd be fine. But it just gets BIGGER and WILDER all day long, especially if it's even remotely humid. So if I brush it and hand-tame it every twenty minutes it looks ok. If I ignore it- which is my preference- it looks frizzy and messy all day long.

Tracy said...

Nice hair! I love it!

Marie Green said...

I love the hair! Also, I was just wondering if you ever told us the answers to the 3 baby photos? You know, which kid is which? I'm pretty sure I'm right, and I'd like to gloat.

Kelsey said...

Haircut is so cute! Well done. :-)

I have no frame of reference for a ponytail headache as my hair is pretty much the opposite of yours.