Saturday, December 15, 2007

People For Whom Strangling Is Far Too Good

That would be the parents of Riley Ann, otherwise known as Baby Grace. I would rather not describe the whole sickening thing, so if you are not familiar with the story, just follow the link.
This kind of thing makes me physically ill, and this particular case has been bothering me on and off ever since it hit the news. It just fills me rage that some people would give anything to be a parent- a GOOD parent- and other total wastes of oxygen like these two "parents" are able to reproduce at will. God help us.
But then I got to thinking, we are supposed to be God's hands on earth. So instead of just sitting around feeling nauseous and furious, I would really, really love to be able to do something to protect other kids from this sort of fate, preferably by removing them from dangerous situations BEFORE something tragic happened.
Ideally, I would have some sort of enormous home (funded by an endless cash supply, of course) where people who are total assholes and have no interest in properly caring for their offspring could drop their kids off, no questions asked, at any age, and sign them over. Just say, "Here is my kid. I don't want to/am unable to care for it any longer." And then my agency would legally adopt the child and take care of it.
I realize I am not exactly in a position to do just this. I have no idea how one would legally go about setting up something like that. I just know that I want to do something, even if it's just raising money and giving it to people who ARE doing something like that. Does anyone have any good ideas about how to make a difference for abused kids, or have any referrals for me to organizations that are doing that very thing?


JMC said...

I've thought this same thing myself. And that case is horrific.

Black Sheeped said...

I know a lot of states/hospitals have policies that kids can be given up, no questions asked, or at least for infants. You could always apply to be a foster parent, and I think most states provide training/etc to help the foster parent prepare.

But a good place to start (especially if you are unsure what level of commitment you want to make) would be seeing what organizations in your community need help right now. I'd find out if your town has a community action agency (check extension offices, schools, hospitals, alternative schools, churches, if that doesn't work) and find out where or how you can get involved. There are tons of programs, like the well known Big Brother/Big Sister, and your community probably has a least a few programs for at risk kids that you've never heard of. Domestic violence shelters often need volunteers and help, and they provide valuable services for women and children. Volunteering for organizations or giving donations of supplies or money is always a HUGE HELP.

If you go to these places, explain you want to do something, they will find something for you to do. And they will be thrilled.

Let me know if you want more info on anything, because I have a bit of experience in this area.

Swistle said...

You could get involved in foster parenting--or maybe PLAN to get involved later, when you're not taking care of an infant and toddler already. You could do regular foster parenting, or you could do "relief" foster parenting, which is what's needed when longer-term foster parents go on vacation or have to attend a funeral or something.

Jess said...

I was going to say exactly what Swistle was saying. Or at least, if you don't feel up to that big of a commitment for now, you could "adopt" a family or some kids for the holidays through a gift-giving program, or something like that. And then look into foster parenting once you aren't dealing with a newborn and a toddler of your own.

Jenn said...

I'll open the home with ya.

I know of a place in Guatemala that does what you suggest - they even get to have supervised visits with their biological families, if they aren't too awful, but they live full time at the home and even go to school there.

So just let me know when you want to start planning. There is a house in the back of our sub that would be perfect - and it is for sale! (~: