Thursday, May 17, 2007

It Takes A Village

I really, really do not know what I would be doing right now if we didn't have helpful relatives around. And also a husband with a flexible job. This week alone, I have had four, count 'em, FOUR medical appointments. Tuesday, dentist at eleven and physical therapy at three thirty. Today, OB appointment at eleven, physical therapy at three. I have left Addy with my sister in law twice, as I wisely planned these events around the days she works from home, this morning Jim stayed home to watch her, and Tuesday my little sister came over right after school and before her evening job to stay with Addy. This is how it works. Some people have nannies. I shamelessly beg favors of my relatives. Thank you, everyone!
Also... I got to thinking today (at my twenty four week appointment) about how, assuming this baby decides to follow his big sister's example and pop out around thirty six weeks, I have approximately twelve weeks until child number two arrives. Also figuring in that I have about a fifty percent chance of going into preterm labor and needing to be on bedrest again like last time, this actually only leaves me EIGHT weeks to prepare!! EIGHT!! That is not such a long time, my friends, not such a long time at all. I actually felt my heart speed up a little when this fact dawned on me. How has time flown so fast?
At least we have Addy's new room all put together. Jim assembled her bed late last night, I moved her clothes and diapers and stuff in this afternoon, and she both took a nap in her bed and is currently asleep for the night on it. Sure, it took ten minutes of back patting and soothing talk, and then another two or three minutes of standing outside the door with a tight chest listening to her scream hysterically and bang on the door, but... Suddenly the screaming stopped as she gave up, climbed back into bed, and calmly resumed drinking her water. Just like that.
Only hitch in this new arrangement is that her room is now sharing a wall with the bathroom. Which means I have had to pee for about two hours now but am still holding it, in fear that the flush of the toilet is going to wake her up, and then I will be repeating tonight's earlier bedtime episode, but with extra, drawn out emotional trauma. I may just go out with the dog before bed and pee on a tree for tonight. Really don't want to rock the boat.


Lisa said...

It hardly seems possible that you should be that far through this pregnancy! I totally am there with you on begging favors from family. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have them so close.

I hope your knee is feeling better.

jess said...

Just pee in the toilet and don't flush until morning. It sounds gross, but that's what I have to do throughout the night to keep from waking Adam up 20 times and listening to him complain the next morning.

8 weeks - yikes!! That's a scary thought.

If you're sick of begging favors from family, please don't hesitate to call me. I haven't seen Addy in a while. I can put her to work at my house :)

Devan said...

You could pee and not flush. Or you could get her a noise machine - those things are great!
I hope you can skip the bedrest part this time! It's great to have relatives so close!
ME = Jealous.

T with Honey said...

I'm in the same camp as jess and devan. Go pee in the night and then first thing in the morning go flush. We do that in our house all the time. Just don't forget to flush in the morning otherwise you'll get a surprise smell wafting through your house later in the day... especially if it is a particularly warm day.

Jennifer said...

I've certainly learned in the last 4 weeks just how much of a village I needed to help me care for Peanut.

Good luck to you! Hope that knee is healing.

Shauna said...

Noise machines are great. We use one for Elise sometimes. She's a light sleeper.