Monday, August 03, 2009

The Jet Setter Has Returned

So Wisconsin is an interesting place. I know, I kept saying I was going to Minnesota. We did fly IN to Minnesota and spent the first day walking around in downtown Minneapolis (under construction for the last ten years, apparently) and seeing the office where my sister works. But she actually lives in a tiny town in Wisconsin right over the Minnesota border.

This was pretty much the highlight of the Wisconsin tour:

That would be the bison farm gift shop. I was slightly disappointed by the visit overall, as I had been led to believe that bison were gentle, peaceful creature which I might even be able to pet and feed. Instead, there was a sign as soon as we arrived warning that PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GORED BY THE BISON PLS STAY FAR AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE KTHANX. So. I did not get to experience a giant scratchy bison tongue licking a carrot out of my hand. But it was still fun. There's bison jerky! Bison marrow dog bones! Bison fur coats! Books on bison ranching! Decapitated bison heads the size of giant boulders!

There was also the bowling alley we went to the first night, where the woman who was singlehandedly running the bar, kitchen, and bowling lanes looked at me askance when I requested a veggie pizza. She directed me to the sign detailing pizza options, which read as follows:

Pepperoni and Sausage
Pepperoni and Ham
Sausage and Ham
Meat Lovers

I think they kind of like meat there. Also, their lanes must be rigged, because I think I bowled something like a sixty eight.

Minneapolis was really fun; we went to several little art galleries and a delicious Irish pub where I ate shepherd's pie and we all watched rugby. (Incidentally, the pub is apparently the number one seller of Jameson whisky in the world.) My mom and I also, of course, insisted on going to the very exotic and unusual Target, since the closest one to us is usually an hour and a half away. Lovely Target was where I found and gleefully purchased THIS:

That's The Baby Name Wizard, in case you can't tell. And let me tell you, taking turns reading and discussing various eccentric name choices is a surprisingly fun group activity while you're waiting for your hearty Irish meals to arrive.

Here's some pictures of my sister's new house and the people/pets/shoes that live with her. They are all of them very cute:

Thanks for all the good food and good times, guys. Not to mention all that free baby crack. Mmmm. Smell the goodness:

Self explanatory sister pose here. But we were both really excited by the lack of camera-induced double chin, so I thought I'd better be sure to post this one.


d e v a n said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! The bison sound... interesting...
Love that last picture!!

RachelAnn said...

Aww Chuck, it was good to have you!! why luf you!!

Hillary said...

LOVE the colors in her house. So happy.

Scottish Twins said...

Whose adorable baby is that? What a sweetie!

Tess said...

Yay! The Great White North!

Buffalo are totally overrated. The animals AND the meat. And, uh, BEST OF LUCK to the meat-avoider in the upper midwest. Srsly.

Jess said...

I can't believe they didn't have plain pizza without meat. Not even just... CHEESE?

Katy said...

The pizza thing is frightening.

I have spent many a good evening sitting around and discussing baby names with the Wizard. Such a great book.

Swistle said...

Now don't panic, but that is the OLD edition of The Baby Name Wizard. No, no---don't panic. It is a very, very good book too. But there is a new edition that came out last month. I know, I know, but don't panic: this just means you will have a copy of each, and that is a GOOD thing because it is fun to check both.