Friday, August 28, 2009

Is This The... Very Best Bite For Baby?

I know plenty of women before me have already scoffingly discarded this quote- you know, the one from What To Expect When You're Expecting about that guilt-laden question you're supposed to ask yourself ever time you pick up your fork while gestating- but I can't help hearing it the last few weeks, sarcastically ringing in my ears, every time I pick up a salty burrito or take a bite of dessert. I know that in the first trimester the main thing is that you are getting enough fluid and enough calories, and the exact nutritional content of that intake is kind of secondary to whether or not you can even keep it down. So if I want to eat Cream of Wheat and Popsicles and scrambled eggs and cheese sticks every day, while drinking nothing but Vitamin Water (thanks for the suggestion, Jen!) that's okay, right? Or if I want to just sidle up directly to a salt lick and... Oh, no? Maybe draw the line somewhere?

Well, then just make me feel better and tell me about the crap you ate while pregnant, and all the leafy green vegetables (gag) that you, too, neglected shamefully.

The kids and I are taking off tomorrow for a water park/resort with my sister, our friend Beth, and my parents, so wish me luck. Or at least enough alertness not to sleep the whole weekend away, like I did the LAST time we were there when I was pregnant. Jim has to stay here and coach a very important revenge game Saturday (and also maintain the house's current spotless condition, so that when we arrive home on Sunday scant HOURS before Eli's birthday party, all we'll have to do is hide the laundry and get out the cake!)

Coming up next week: pictures from water park (no more bikini top for me!) pictures from Eli's second birthday, and Wednesday, that all important ultrasound report. Which I cannot stop thinking about no matter how many times I mentally slap myself out of it.


mLou said...

I saw no mention of "vom....." in your blog - so you must be eating and drinking good enough! You've got time in the 2nd tri to adjust salt and sugar....if you want to! :-) Hope you enjoy your time at the w-park.

kelli said...

Crap I ate while pregnant:


To the tune of a six-pack of Hershey bars every week, and a bowl of chocolate ice cream every night just before going to bed.

So go ahead and sidle up to the salt lick. :)

Mimi said...

Pregnancy #1: Totino's frozen pizzas

Pregnancy #2: Taco Bell

Pregnancy #3: Dairy Queen blizzards and nachos with guac.

And I ate these things with reckless abandon! Seriously, there has to be some redeeming virtue of pregnancy, and for me it was indulging in some very junky foods that I wouldn't normally allow myself to eat. So there you go.

d e v a n said...

I do not think this comment section is long enough for me to describe the crap I've eaten during my 4 (or 3.5 so far...) pregnancies.

I'll give it a shot. :)
yeast rolls with lots of butter
canned cheese *gag*
hot dogs
Sonic Hamburgers
French fries

Can I stop now?

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure I subsisted on peanut butter, honey, and BBQ during my first trimester. Oh, and pretzels (the saltier, the better) and cheese (on the pretzels of course). During the
2nd and 3rd trimesters, I ate a little bit better, but I gorged myself on chocolate pretty much every single night. Must be why I'm having trouble losing the last of my baby weight :)

Chelle said...

Honey, when I was pregnant with The Teenager, I lived on Taco Bell. Seriously, LIVED, on Taco Bell. I got gift certificates from Taco Bell for Christmas. My husband placated my occasional nervous breakdown with Taco Bell. The cashiers knew me BY NAME.

The Teenager was healthy as a small pony when she arrived.

It's best not to let the guilt about what you "should" be eating keep you from eating the things that you can stomach right now. Or, you know, the entire way through your pregnancy.

P.S. Ironically, The Tenager HATES Taco Bell. Huh. Go figure.

Swistle said...

Things I eat during the first trimester:

1. Domino's sausage pizza, cold, with lemonade.

2. Bagels with cream cheese and garlic salt, with chocolate milkshakes.


4. Chocolate-walnut ice cream.

Seriously, that's what I eat.

Mommy Daisy said...

I went to comfort foods in my first trimester. Mashed potatoes, apples, peanut butter crackers. Not all together, but those were go to foods when I couldn't stomach anything else.

Have fun at the waterpark!

Momma Mary said...

First Pregnancy: Taco Bell, all the way.

Secong Pregnancy: java chip frappuccino. caffeiene and all. :)

eat, drink, be merry and pregnant.

bananafana said...

i ate well during my first pregnancy but the second time around I just couldn't even decide to CARE much less actually TRY to eat well I felt so sick. Every time i would eat, I would think "White Trash Pregnancy Diet" to myself (thanks again to Catherine Newman) and I would just chuckle to myself

Michelle said...

I at carrots and Clementine oranges not because they were healthy but because it was the only thing I could keep down. I was convinced my daughter would be born the hue of an Oompa Loompa. Every once in awhile I would have a craving for fast food. I once shoved my husband's McDonald's in my mouth and promptly got sick.
Towards the end, I had almost nightly milkshakes. I justified them by telling myself I needed the calcium.
Have fun at the water park!

Tess said...

I actually purchased and attempted to read "What to Eat When You're Expecting" (WHY?). I do believe it is the only book I've ever thrown CLEAR ACROSS A ROOM. Bah. I'm still angry, just thinking about it.

I ate Wendy's frosties at LEAST 5 days a week when I was pregnant. AT LEAST. Also, Totinos pizza rolls. And, I had an almond latte every single day.

Kate said...

GAH! I had never heard that quote before (I avoided "what to expect/what to eat" on a friend's advice) and am SO GLAD - what kind of crap is that to throw at a pregnant woman? Or any woman?

I'm delighted you posted this because I'm 34 weeks into my second pregnancy and only started really paying attention to my nutritional intake...about two weeks ago. And only then because I realized I'd gone to Dairy Queen for seven consecutive days and downed an M&M blizzard each time, AND that this was not at all an unusual week for me -- and figured I might want to aim a teensy bit higher, nutritionally speaking, if only to avoid hitting the 50 lbs gained mark if possible.

But yeah. I'm on the salt lick train here too.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

YEAH for the vitamin water! so glad it's working for you. (I still suck down a bottle fairly frequently... like now :)

I ate weird stuff like cantelope and doritos together. oh yes, this woman licked the day-glo orange cheese off those chips with abandon.

orange soda.

chicken nuggets from wendy's.

then I'd go on a kick and eat a monster salad for lunch every day. but then I'd follow it up with a sub from subway and three pints of ice cream.

I'm of the mindset that your body craves what it needs while pregnant. (you just tell yourself that! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

Pregnancy #1-chips and queso and slurpees from 7-11. Everyday. Sometimes more than once a day.

Pregnancy #2-gatorade and Ball Park hotdogs (had to be Ball Park brand)

Pregnancy #3-more Ball Park hotdogs, and cookies

Pregnancy #4-everything bagels with veggie cream cheese, pomegranate juice, lemonade and Totinos frozen pizzas.

Eat what you want. You at least have a valid excuse. Or at least that's what I told myself!

bat7mess said...

During the first trimester of all 3 of my pregnancies I ate pizza every single day. Sometimes twice a day. It was all that would stay down.