Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Also I Totally Have Pregnant Face

I got tagged by Michelle and Hilary to roar about myself, inspired by Clueless But Hopeful's original roaring post. But dude, I cannot summon up any roaring power today. I feel weak and tired and like a kind of lousy mom today, so... We'll table that for a while! Instead I will complain.

This pregnancy so far, like Eli's, is leaving me both queasy and ravenously hungry, which is a sucky combination. I end up eating all morning long to squelch the hungry nausea, but then if I eat the wrong thing I get the Nausea nausea, so then I have to eat something that's Right to try to fix it. Right being salty. I am all about the salty right now. I ate buttered toast for breakfast (which was yuck) then had a frozen burrito for a SNACK, and am now eating a big pile of tater tots because I am still hungry/shaky/nauseous.

All of this food foraging and rejecting is taking up a big chunk of morning time, so I feel like I get nothing done until about noon, especially since I've given up my morning drug, er, coffee ('cause now it's also YUCK.) And then I'm ready for a nice nap by about two, so you can imagine all the fun and enriching activities the kids and I are doing.

Also, WATER is making me nauseous, but I'm really thirsty all the time (see: massive salt consumption.) So I guess I need some Gatorade or something?

I'm finding myself very displeased with my belly this time around. With Addy my stomach was pretty flat to start with, so all that poked out was, you know, BABY belly, around twelve weeks. With Eli I had a tiny little pouch leftover from Addy's pregnancy, so there was a bit of chub that started popping out before the actual uterus bump began to appear. THIS time, I have a fairly significant, stretch-marked fat pocket right over my uterus from Eli's pregnancy, when I gained (blergh blergh mumble) pounds. So all that early pregnancy bloat is just making this fat pouch pop RIGHT out, a nice big gut, and nothing at all approaching the cute baby bump I remember from my first pregnancy. There's nothing sweet about lovingly stroking what appears to be an inner tube of fat. Humph.

Jim's soccer team won their first game last night, and I was really excited, but then I just randomly started crying about stupid stuff that I couldn't even explain. We were talking and I kept sniffling but trying to keep The Crying at bay, and then I was all, "Oh crap, I think I have to CRY!" Kind of like when you warn someone you have to puke. Step back, folks, it's going to be a gusher.

All this and I still feel pretty uneasy that I'm "really" pregnant. Sure, my progesterone went up, but... the hcg hadn't doubled, and the progesterone is still technically low, just not quite as worryingly low as before. I'm just not going to feel safe that this is real until I see a heartbeat next Tuesday. So until then, I'll just feel kind of fat and sick and grumpy I guess!


Jess said...

Well, you certainly SOUND pregnant. So that's something.

May I suggest Crystal Light as a low-calorie water alternative? Assuming you're OK with artificial sweeteners.

Michelle said...

Water was totally a "morning" sickness trigger for me. The ultrasound tech - after scolding me for not having a full bladder for the umpteenth time - told me to drink kool-aid. You can buy individual servings boxes and I used about half a pouch for a full bottle of water. It made it so I could drink 100 or so ounces a day. And it has WAY less sodium - think swelling and water gain - than gatorade. Teeth brushing was still tough, but I got my water in!!

Good luck!!

d e v a n said...

Water has always made me sick when pg too. Lemonade totally helps.
Can't wait till your appt!!

Mimi said...

Don't they say that feeling sick is a good indicator that a pregnancy is going to "stick"? I think all of your nausea sounds like a good sign, as miserable as it is.
I could not believe how fast I began to look pregnant during preg. #3. I pretty much had to wear maternity pants from minute one. I was not too pleased.
Hope you start feeling better soon.

Hillary said...

Michelle and I had a hard time roaring, too. That probably says something about us ...

I'm with you on the constant eating and scavenging for the RIGHT thing. I actually apologized to my desk neighbors at work for my constant munching.

Scottish Twins said...

I think all of these complaints are good signs. You're going to be fine and so is that bambino!

Also, you looked beautiful on Sunday, so your nausea and all the other fun pregnancy stuff isn't showing at all. Just your same gawgeous self :)

Kelsey said...

Still sending lots and lots of good and powerful thoughts your way - I will add anti-nausea thoughts to the list!

Michelle said...

It took us a week to roar. No hurry.

My doctor suggested drinking Propel. It comes in the little powdered individual packets. I helped some. Not many calories and it has some vitamin that combats nausea.

I agree with everyone else. Sickness is a good sign (even though I'm sure it doesn't sound like it.)

Swistle said...

I liked lemonade.

With my fourth pregnancy, I looked fat before my period was even due. Sigh.

Tess said...

I love "Oh crap, I think I have to CRY!". That is CLASSIC.

I like the lemonade idea. Or maybe limeade? Ginger ale? Some combo of the three?

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

vitamin water. I. love. vitamin water.

try the triple x flavor. no artificial sweeteners and tastes good. there's enough flavors that you can actually get one you like, too

oh, and I've read and heard from my OB that vitamin B12 supplements can combat nausea. check when you go in!

and oh, the salty. I was a slave to the salty. then the babies come, I start nursing, and I'm hiding in the closet inhaling m&m's. it's not good for losing the pregnancy pounds.

yay for feeling pregnant! :) (you know what I mean)

Katy said...

Jess stole the exact words out of my mouth.