Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Stuff

-Still working out, still showing the house. Both are currently happening about twice a week. If only my waistline were wearing as thin as my patience. But alas, still no second showings. And still enough saggy flesh around my belly to enable Adelay to lovingly grab double fistfuls of it, while I remind myself, "They were worth it. The children were worth it."

-I recently concocted a little pancake/toast/bagel spread out of cream cheese, sugar, and cocoa powder. Which is also to say, I "concocted" my own double chin and love handles. I mean, I eat and I eat and this inner tube of fat just WILL not go away! What am I doing WRONG here?

-I just got up to find Adelay and discovered that she had climbed onto the swivel desk chair to reach the Tupperware of leftover Easter candy. There was a graveyard of Hershey's Kiss wrappers on the desk and a pleased expression on her face, as she had devoured about five of them in approximately twenty seconds. In response to the only comment I could muster ("You little MONKEY!") she nodded in satisfaction and yelled proudly, "Good girl! Good job!"

-Hmm. There seems to be some sort of cause and effect connection here, but my brain doesn't feel like going there.

-Moving on! Jim just found out he's going to a work conference in Orlando at the beginning of June, so hopefully the kids and I can go too, and we can all go to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom while we're there. This is only if I can get my little sister to come along too to help with the kids/keep me company. Otherwise, it would just be me sitting in the hotel room with two kids until Jim got done with conferences for the day. Which equals not a vacation at all. And also, this is assuming we aren't in the middle of moving by June. Frankly, I'd prefer that scenario, but Epcot is a close second. I seriously love that Tour of the World thing. It never gets old. Nor does the tour of world beers.

-The idea of weaning Eli keeps floating around in my brain. The last few nights he's only gotten up once to eat, which is markedly better than three times a night, but is still once more than I'd prefer to be getting up. Also, Addy was around six or seven months when she basically stopped taking the breast at all, so I think my body/brain is kind of thinking it should be done with the breastfeeding gig by now and is growing impatient. I really wanted to make it to a year for Eli (arbitrary, I know) but I am also really wanting my body back and desperately in need of a full night's sleep. Any advise? It can be in the form of a lecture about the benefits of breastfeeding; I won't be offended.


Jill said...

If only my waistline were wearing as thin as my patience.

bwahahahahahahhahahaha that is pure awesome.
I also just finished reading a breastfeeding, er, "discussion" on another blog and am wincing for you at your request for recommendations. I don't have any kids, so have no recommendations, but I will say that I usually read things like "if you breast feed the weight will just FALL off!" so ditch the working out! But I don't think your commenters are ever such jerks, so I would say just have yourself some chocolate, you know, so no one else gets into it, and go with what feels right.

Jess said...

I don't have advice about the breastfeeding per se. But I thought I'd share that my older sister apparently just stopped nursing one day, cold turkey, at six months. I did no such thing and nursed the full year. Just to point out that your kids may or may not have the same inclinations about the weaning.

Also: Epcot! Yay! Keep us posted.

bananafana said...

I have no advice on the breastfeeding thing either. O just stopped at around 6 months and I'm wondering what this next one will be like. The losing sleep part of having kids is the one thing that I absolutely dread. The part of me that remembers that feeling says "WEAN HIM!" but I remember wishing I could have nursed longer as well . . .

Mommy Daisy said...

Ha, you're so like me, in that you don't mind exercising but can't give up the chocolate and other treats. That's my problem. Grr.

Addy and Zachariah would so get along with all the Easter candy raids.

Orlando sounds lovely. But even if your sister can't go, maybe you could have fun all day in the hotel pool with the kiddos.

Don't know how much weaning advice I have. Zachariah weaned himself at 4 months, because he was already getting most of his from a bottle (because of my supply issues that you already knew about). But my plan was to go for a full year. Thinking of the future I plan to go at LEAST a year. I think if my next child will keep at it, I'll go as long as he/she will. It's just such a great experience. But I can also see wanting your body back. Makes perfect sense. You've done great so far. You'll figure out what will work best for you, and that's all that matters.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

On the breastfeeding tip (that would be the nipple, I guess?), I can only tell you what worked for me. I "night weaned" Zoe around 8 months. As in, I would send my husband in to check on her, give her a pacifier, pat her back, sing to her but I wouldn't go in (the sight of me meant MILK) and he wouldn't pick her up. She cried a bit and we were okay with that (okay, I did have to cover my ears with a pillow and repeat WE ALL NEED A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP) so you have to be okay with that kind of thing. But it took only two nights of that till she didn't need any tending to from 8 pm til 6 am and she still nursed first thing in the morning, right before naps and at bedtime. That lasted till she totally weaned herself at 14 months or thereabouts.

Again, may not work for you, IMO, yadda yadda yadda.

Tessie said...

Oh man, that "good job! good girl!" thing was hilarious.

Oh I hope you get to go to Disney!

Pickles & Dimes said...

"I mean, I eat and I eat and this inner tube of fat just WILL not go away! What am I doing WRONG here?"


I don't have kids, but maybe you could try not feeding during the night for a night or two and see what happens (and how loud the resulting screaming may be).

Swistle said...


1) "If only my waistline were wearing as thin as my patience."

2) "...lovingly grab double fistfuls of it, while I remind myself 'They were worth it.'"

3) "Which is also to say, I 'concocted' my own double chin and love handles. I mean, I eat and I eat and this inner tube of fat just WILL not go away! What am I doing WRONG here?"

4) "You little MONKEY!" "Good girl! Good job!"

5) " brain doesn't feel like going there."

Oh, MAN. Good post.

LoriD said...

Go Adelay! We found Maggie (suspiciously quiet) behind the living room curtain, devouring a stash of chocolate eggs she had somehow found. She was most pleased with herself!

I have no weaning advice - my kids all refused a bottle, so I went at least a year with each (even though I had planned on 8 months). You've already made it 7 months, so if you're ready and he's ready, then go for it! Breastfeeding is great for the baby, blah, blah, blah, but it is so restricting for the mother. At least, that's how I felt.

Fine For Now said...

Orlando? If only I knew someone who lived there!

Good luck with whatever you decide on the weaning, obviously I have no experience with that :o)

d e v a n said...

Too funny! Hopefully you'll get lots more showings and second showings. On second thought, just ONE more and those people will LOVE your house and BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!
As for weaning, the only thing I have to say is that O weaned totally at 7 mo thanks to me being pregnant and just this week started sleeping through the night.
Also, formula is expensive. I'm so happy that in a week or so I don't have to buy it anymore! But this isn't about me....

So, what is this concoction you speak of? It sounds delish.

Maggie said...

Disney! Fun! I have only been once, and I so want to go back!

Hopefully (if you aren't moving) your sister will go with you so that you can have some good times!

Saly said...

CA stopped nursing, on her own at 5 months. She couldn't see what was going on around her, nosy and opinionated even then. ED lasted about 8 months, and by then he weighed a good 20lbs and the breastmilk did not keep him full at all.

Can't wait to hear if you get to go to Disney!

CAQuincy said...


I'm one of those who is thinnest while breastfeeding. Needless to say, I breastfed all three past the age of one! HA!

OK. Seriously, I weaned the first at 18 mos because I got pregnant with the second. The second weaned himself at 17 mos. The third hung on until about 21 mos. BUT I never felt it was a hassle or bothersome and thoroughly enjoyed the breastfeeding relationship (and the non-purchasing of the formula).

But I know many do not feel like I do, so do what you gotta do. Maybe try the night-weaning as "Clueless" suggests first.

And for those people who all thought I was nuts for breastfeeding past one, I always spewed LLL facts. And reminded them that the one year old wasn't at the boob ALL DAY. I weaned down to just two and then just one feeding a day....

desperate housewife said...

CaQuincy: These are good points. I think if I try to get more scheduled and feed him actual meals of baby food and cereal, then just nurse first thing in the morning, before naps, and before bed, that would be acceptable. And hopefully he'd fill up enough during the day that he wouldn't be wanting milk at night.

Flibberty said...

Breast feeding is not my area of expertise, but I will say that a vacation sounds like mighty fine thing! Especially if said vacation involves sunshine and beer. I have not been to Epcot since I was 7 years old, but it sounds like maybe it changed since then, in a good way.

Annie said...

"The graveyard of Hershey's kisses wrappers" cracked me up.

I have heard that some babies will naturally lose interest in BFing around 9-10 mos. Unfortunately, my little one did not lose interest. I am still trying to gently wean since she still wakes up 110 times/night. She just turned a year. *sigh* Hope you get more good advice.

K in the Mirror said...

Oh, I'm all about the night weaning. My kids didn't get milk until 6 am once they were past 6 months. It was much easier for me to think how good it is for them and how I should keep nursing if I was sleeping well. When I have to wake up in the middle of the night I'm very crabby.

And at least she unwrapped the kisses. I've pulled two out of L's mouth in the last few weeks as he drools chocolate and sucks on candy through the shiny foil. Good job indeed. :)

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

We were some po folks when my boys were in the breastfeeding stage. I kept it up until 1 year to avoid purchasing formula. But I did love the experience of bf'ing too, so it wasn't as if I did it just for the cash. ha!

I have the exact same problem you have with the eating of food and growth of inner tube. WHY does it do that?!

andi said...

I've been toying with the idea of weaning Arlo too (he's 10 months). I started weaning my first at 10 months, but I'm sad to do it with him as he's probably my last baby. Maybe in a few weeks I'll try. There's bound to be many tears (mine, not his). I wish you luck!