Monday, April 07, 2008

A Pause

If you haven't been directed here already by Tessie, please let me encourage you to read this story. This beautiful little girl is sixteen months old and has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare and life-threatening form of cancer. Every time I revisit this blog to check on her condition, I get all tight-throated and weepy- I'll look up and see my own perfectly healthy, happy daughter running around playing and chattering, and I would give anything to promise Emily's parents that their little girl will have the chance to reach Adelay's age and run and play like any other kid.
So please take the time to read her story, and to donate towards her parents' expenses, which are staggering. With all the frustrations and even dangers that the internet has brought into our world, there are times, like these, when it can be a miracle worker for people who would otherwise have limited time and resources to network for support. Let's take advantage of this chance to reach out to strangers who are faced with such a heartbreaking situation.


P said...

Such a sad story. Thank you for bringing it to your readers' attention.

Laura said...

So horrible. So awfully sad. There is way to much pain in this world at times. Thanks for the reminder to check in and support them.