Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Of Those Weeks

You know that saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" This is the best explanation I can offer up for my blogging absence. Every time I had the urge to sit down and type, it would have ended up one long list of complaints. And while those can be amusing, even MY ability to find the humor was beginning to be stretched. So I decided to just rest the 'ole fingers for a while until I had a more positive (or at least, not homicidal) perspective.
Without further ado, I present Last Week's Highlights:

-Busting my hump cleaning and getting the kids and the dog out of the house for a showing on Monday only to find out from our realtor the next day that the people drove by with their realtor, decided they didn't like the looks of it, and didn't even come in. After already having seen "the looks of it" from the online video tour! People suck. The end.

-Addy acting up at her tumbling class, to the point that I was blushing and apologizing to the other moms for being such a disturbance. Going to pick Eli up from the on-site daycare to find him screaming. Realizing I had no cash to PAY the onsite daycare.

-Having to call in an exterminator on Wednesday to finally take care of our Ridiculously Large Ant Problem, which I have been (fruitlessly) attempting to combat without the use of deadly poisons being sprayed around our house for over a month. This involved a can of pesticide exploding all over our driveway, and of course having to keep the kids out of the house all afternoon during their nap time.

-Another showing on Friday, which apparently accomplished nothing, as I have heard no feedback.

-Terrible sleep all around from Eli. One night Jim had to sit up and play with him for an hour, between three and four AM, because he screamed every time he was laid down, didn't want to nurse, and just apparently needed to hang out and chill with someone.

-Any attempts at weaning have been excruciating and unproductive. I'm beginning to get nervous about the whole situation, as we're supposed to be gone from the kids overnight in two weeks. Anyone had any luck with cold turkey weaning?

And a BONUS anecdote from this morning: Dog running away, chasing dog in my pajamas, driving around neighborhood to find him (didn't,) and Addy throwing horrible temper tantrum and slapping me in the face.



Jess said...

She slapped you in the face? Yikes. How did you react?

Did you end up finding Fonz? Poor thing. You need a drink and some dessert.

ABout the weaning thing. Is it that he won't take a bottle? What type of bottles have you tried? I seriously had to try like 10 different types of bottles/nipple combinations with Gabe before we found one he would take. Also, if you are going to stop cold turkey with him, make sure you still pump occasionally so that you don't get mastitis.

I hope this week is better for you.

K in the Mirror said...

I stopped cold turkey with G, the day after her birthday. I just didn't want to do it anymore. And it kind of sucked real bad for about three days, and I couldn't sit on the floor because she would crawl up and try to get under my shirt. I was so ready to be done that I didn't care though.

I'm so sorry this week has sucked. Hope it gets better.

desperate housewife said...

Jess: I had been trying to do lots of talking, helping her settle down from her fit (she wanted to go bye bye RIGHT NOW!) but after that I was done talking. I just picked her up, marched her to her room, and deposited her on her bed. I was like, "You are in time out until you can act nice!" and shut the door (not esp. gently, either.) She sat and screamed in her time out chair for about five minutes, while I sat in the hall with my head in my hands, trying to think of a way to salvage the morning. Eventualy she calmed down and I went and got her and we talked about not using our hands on people.

Astarte said...

Oh, ho ho!!! She slapped you! That's a fun one. What a little turnip!

I'm so sorry. Selling your house is the worst with little kids and pets, it really, really is. It seems to definitely give people a license to be as rude and condescending as possible. You should set up a video camera in your driveway and get people's license plates so you can look them up and send them boxes of dog shit in the mail when they do crazy stuff like that. (I have actually daydreamed about doing this, but have as of yet been able to restrain myself.)

I hope you find the dog!!!!! How awful! It's SO SO SO scary when they run off, you always imagine the worst. He'll come back, probably covered in some other animal's poop and smelling like a sewer. That's what usually happens with us.

Good luck, and laugh!

Maggie said...

You are much better than I. After a week like that, I would have run away from home, joined the circus, and started having vodka with all my meals. Or at least I would have given SERIOUS consideration to list item 3.

Hopefully this week is better. My fingers (and toes!) will be crossed!

nonsoccermom said...

Well that just sucks. April is just crappy - at least this month has been for me, too. Bah.

I hope you find your dog, and good luck with the weaning and house stuff. I feel for you.

Banana said...

Oh man, when it rains it pours, eh?

I'm sorry you're having a lame week. I hope it looks up soon.

Tessie said...

You have LOST your doggie? Oh NO! That is TERRIBLE!

AD WANTS to slap people. I can see it in her beady little eyes. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Jess said...

Oh man! You are amazing just for DEALING with all this. Is your dog back?

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Holy cow, what a week.

Mommy Daisy said...

It always gets worse before it gets better, doesn't it? Well, hopefully you can get on with the better now. ;)

JMC said...

Have you found your dog yet?

Getting slapped sucks; won't be long before J does it to me, I'm sure.

d e v a n said...

yipes. That is a week.

I hope today is a very good day.

Swistle said...

Oh, man, this SUCKS! I love when you complain, though. You have a way of putting things so that although they sound awful, they are also funny.

I've weaned two cold turkey: one was my choice, one was the baby's choice. I won't count the one who weaned himself; the other one did fine, but he was a year old so he could go right to milk in sippee cups and didn't have to have bottles. So...unelpful.

I found that abrupt weaning was hard on ME, though: my hormones went WFFFOOOOOOOOOP and I was all weepy and feeling horrible and feeling like everything I did was a mistake. Not happy!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I'm picturing you, in your pajamas, without a dog, a slap mark on your face, surrounded by ants, outside of your house, at naptime, with two tired kids.

I realize I'm mushing it all together but WOAH. It's still a lot to deal with. Big hugs from the Clueless But Hopeful household.

saly said...

Oh, I hope your dogy came back!

ED used to be really good for slapping me in the face too. And really, what do you do? It's not like you can slap them back....he grew out of it, thankfully.

CA weaned herself cold turkey, but I think that was a lot different. I hope you figure something out.

Momma Mary said...

I am HEARING YOU! The dogs running away, the naughty childrens, the craziness that is Motherhood... Here's to hoping that your week gets better. I've had those weeks, and I know what you're going through!

desperate housewife said...

Dear Everyone: The dog did eventually come crawling back, none the worse for his neighborhood adventure. He does stink of wet dog, however, which makes me feel less than thrilled about his return.
Also, I forgot to complain about THIS: on Sunday, Eli grabbed our digital camera out of my sister's hands and hurled it to the ground. It now refuses to turn on. I mean, COME on!
At this rate, I am fully expecting to find out I am pregnant with triplets next week.

Kelsey said...

That's a train wreck of a week - so sorry! I am hoping your dog gets hungry and runs home to be fed soon.

Susiewearsthepants said...

mmmmm...I think you might need to move your status up to full fledged "Desperate"! Hope things get better

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that does sound like one of those weeks! It will get better.

Have you tried a cup? My youngest would not take a bottle, ever, but around six months she did start drinking out of a cup (just like her big sis).

andi said...

Dude. I'm speechless (well, almost). Sorry the past week has been ever so sucktastic.

As for the weaning, I tried cold turkey with #1 as we had to go out of town without her. She's a stubborn little monkey and refused to drink anything for almost 3 days (my poor mother was a trifle frantic, but just kept feeding her lots of liquidy solids). Not saying this will happen to you - every kid is different, of course. I went back to nursing her for awhile and then weaned gradually right onto a sippy cup. I'm in the middle of gradually weaning the 11 month old now - right onto a sippy cup again.

I'm aware this is probably of zero help. Sadly, some babies are all about the boob. Good luck!

SLynnRo said...

I'm glad to see the dog came back.

Good luck with the weaning- I'm sure that is loads of fun :(

Bird said...

Yeah, that's a bad week all right.

I've got no advice on weaning as mine was never that interested in my boob to begin with. He was always a bottle baby.

Seriously, I'm never selling my house. I'm going to let my heirs take care of that one.