Monday, January 14, 2008

Still Mentally Curled In Fetal Position

Okay, I guess I won't take the other post down, TMI be damned. Now I just want to hear stories. I want THE INFO, people. Has implantation bleeding ever happened to anyone else? It never has to me, but nor has random spotting. When did you get your period back after breastfeeding? How did it happen- spotty first, then full on a while later, or just, boom, back in business? Did you have PMS beforehand at all? DETAILS, give me DETAILS. Preferably ones to reassure me that this is just my cycle coming back. SET MY MIND AT EASE.

And, for easy reference/nagging worry: (taken from

What does implantation bleeding or spotting look like?
Implantation bleeding, also called implantation spotting, does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge.

What if I feel like my period is about to start?
If you have had spotting and think it might be implantation bleeding you may be paying very close attention to your body. If you are trying to get pregnant, the good news is that early pregnancy symptoms feel very similar to the start of your period. If you are pregnant you may begin to notice symptoms of early pregnancy right around the time your period would normally start and sometimes sooner than that. If you suspect pregnancy you can test for pregnancy as early as ten days after ovulation.

Particularly enjoy the bolded section. WTF?! How is that GOOD news?


d e v a n said...
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d e v a n said...

Ok, let's see. I had no implantation bleeding with d nor with O. I had spotting for 3 days and then a positive pg test this pregnancy. I was ebf, BUT I was also cycling and knew I was ovulating.
I got my period back at 4 mo the first time (EBF) and 3 mo the second (again, EBF). Lucky me.
Anyway, it could definitely be spotting from either ovulating the first time or just a little breakthough bleeding from breastfeeding and NOT cycling.
It could technically be implantation bleeding but I think it's more likely to be something else.
Did that help at all?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had implantation bleeding when I got pregnant. It was a one-time, light spotting and then nothing.

I know you're freaking out and scared, but try not to worry. If you're pregnant, you're pregnant. It will be ok. There's no sense losing sleep over it now, because you'll know soon enough.

Sheesh... are you wanting to reach through the screen and clobber me? I know you're going to worry and fret until you either get your period or find out you're pregnant. But remember, God always has a plan.

Anonymous said...

And in my experience, there's almost always a logical explanation for whatever bodily function that's convinced me I'm pregnant. After all, I've only been pregnant once and I've thought I was 49056804596804956 times.

bea said...

I didn't have implantation bleeding, sorry. But I got my period about 9 or 10 months after T was born. It started off slow, kinda like spotting the first time. Then the next month, like it had never stopped. Good luck!

Laura said...

It took a good six months of stop starts with spotty bleeding and cramping, but no real period, before I got a real 4 day one. For 5 of those six months I did exactly as you did...ran to the bathroom (and my pg test supply) to see if I was pregnant. This was around the time James was 9 months old. I didn't get a real period until he was almost a year and a half. I had implantation bleeding which, because I'm an idiot, I thought was a light period with my daughter. But then, I was 19 and young and foolish.

Swistle said...

I never had implantation bleeding, but I definitely had "sure I was getting my period but then it turned out to be pregnancy."

I'd have to look it up to be sure (why yes I record these things!), but I usually get my period back in the 4-6 month range (with the twins it was later, which is typical). And when I do, it's a regular period right away, not a light one. This time around, the PMS was particularly bad and pregnancy-like (sore boobs, for example), which I don't remember happening before.

When I'm pregnant, I always feel like I'm about to get my period. I even despair, because I feel crampy and exactly like I'm getting my period. This is ALSO how I feel when I AM getting my period. So you see, I have little of use to add.

Chelle said...

Not to freak you out (worse than you already are) but; I had implantation bleeding with the Man-Cub. Followed by FOUR negative home tests before the blood test at the doctor's office confirmed what I already knew.

On the other hand, a couple of months ago I spotted for a day, experienced normal period symptoms and...nothing. No period. And my tubes are totally tied so I cannot be pregnant.

Sometimes our bodies like to mess with out heads.

Mommy Daisy said...

No implantation bleeding for me, but I thought that's what was happening to me about 4 months ago. Didn't turn out to be anything...obviously.

I didn't get my period back until 7 to 8 months. It was very light and spotty for a few days only. Then I didn't get anything again for another 3 months. Then it was SOOO heavy. And it was back every month after that, but much heavier each time than pre-baby periods.

jen said...

TMI - My first period after this last pregnancy was weird. It built up just like a regular period but took forever to start, and never progressed farther than 3 days of scant brown sticky goo. The 2nd one was normal.

After D was born I didn't get a period for 6 mos, but I felt cycles if that makes sense. I thought I was pregnant 3 times. After they started showing up, they were irregular for a while. I had one memorable 48 day cycle.

CAQuincy said...

I never had implantation bleeding.

It took 15 mos, 17 mos, and 18 mos, respectively, to get my periods back after ebf my three(timed almost exact to when I weaned the babes down to one snack a day). I was on the mini-pill after all three were born, which probably helped. I think with each I had a short, spotty period and then got the full-force one a month later. After weaning the last baby, my periods came back very, very wonky. It was HORRIBLE. I think I bled like 30 days out of 45.... I bled on and off and on and off and was going crazy. It didn't go back to normal until I went back on a normal pill instead of the mini pill.

And several times in that ebf phase, I felt I might be pregnant (queasy, fatigued, FAMISHED), and since I had no period, I could never tell for sure. I panicked myself a few times and took unnecessary tests.

And yes, my PMS symptoms can seem like pregnancy symptoms too. #@%^ hormones.

It sucks--but the best you can do is take a DEEP BREATH and wait it out another week.

Easier said than done. (You should see my private journals for all the freak-outs I've had--one just a month ago!)

Jess said...

This is so interesting, and I'm sorry that I have nothing to share! I am not a mother and not about to become one, as far as I know.

But hey, about the bolding, I'd assume that they call it good news because people who want to get pregnant and are disappointed because they think they have PMS can still hold out hope that they're pregnant.

the new girl said...

I gotta laugh at the question about the periods coming back. Everyone I know was all like: 'It'll take FOREVER for your period to come back.'

Mine came back in like 4 months or something ridiculous like that. I swear, I was like, 'Whyyyyy am I bleeding still?' lmao.

Then, it uhhh, occured to me that it might be my, uhhhh, cycle returning.