Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Killing Time Blogging

I sincerely wonder what people must think of me when I'm out in public with the two kids. Is she nuts bringing both kids shopping with her? Can she not see that she doesn't even have room for PURCHASES in her cart once she piles in baby and toddler? Can she HEAR the screeching of her child as she clings to the slide of the indoor McDonalds playland even though she is not big enough/old enough to play on it? Why is this woman torturing us with her kids?
I was sweating bullets yesterday, trying to pull a screaming Addy off the play equipment with one hand while holding Eli with the other as older, retiree-types sipped their coffee and watched with curiosity and/or judgement. Probably thinking I should either be sterner ("My mother would have tanned my hide if I acted like that in public!") or gentler ("That woman is practically dragging her kid by the arm!") or at least calmer ("Look at that, her jeans are riding down as she bends over to talk to the kid and it looks like her back is covered in nervous perspiration!")
I got practically nothing accomplished on the outing save providing a convincing demonstration of my incompetence as a mother. Then I got home, tried to get them both fed and settled down and changed and ASLEEP, and then there were what seemed like endless things to do: cleaning, of course, laundry, of course, dishes, of course, and then also the dog is whining whining WHINING at me all day, and there are countless phone calls of people needing things and asking questions and PEOPLE, DON'T YOU SEE I HAVE NO ANSWERS?
Two is enough, I think.
Oh yeah- just called the office, and the results aren't back yet. THE NERVOUS TUMMY PERSISTS.


d e v a n said...

Yeah, I've had days like that. I wonder how much fun it will be to add #3 to the mix. :)

Mommy Daisy said...

I always feel like everyone else is judging what kind of mother I am when I'm out. And they probably are. But that really doesn't matter.

Ronni said...

I say...eff 'em if they can't take a joke!