Sunday, September 30, 2007

Top Five; Also, Comfort Food

And now for a fun change of pace, I shall fascinate you all with a list of products that save my life!

1. Swiffer floor cleaners, wet and dry. And the dusters. These are SO much less annoying than sweeping, and also more effective at getting up dust and dog hair. My only worry is that I am compounding my Debt To Mother Earth by adding these disposable cloths to the amount of trash our family produces. Perhaps there are washable microfiber-type floor cleaners that work the same way?

2. Uncle Ben's 90 Second microwavable rice bags, especially the whole grain varieties. Genius, genius! We use these at least once a week.

3. The Prince Edward wipes warmer. I think the warm wipes prevent me from being peed on, because they're not a cold shock in the middle of the night, and therefore diaper changes don't always completely wake Eli up and cause him to let loose in midair.

4. The Kiddopatomous swaddler blankets, which velcro shut and keep babies nice and snug. Both my kids have always seemed to sleep much better when swaddled, so these blankets have been a big help with Eli, as he has already grown big enough to squirm out of those little flannel receiving blankets.

5. The Infantino baby sling. I never had one with Addy, but purchased one for Eli when he was about two weeks old to try to deal with his need to be constantly held and my need to USE MY HANDS every now and then. So far it has worked very well. Only downside is that my movements seem to put him to sleep, and then it's tricky to get him out of the sling and laid down without waking him up.

Also, I have figured out the reason behind my lack of weight loss with this baby. It is a two-fold problem: First, I am up at night a lot more than I was with Addy, leaving me unspeakably tired most of the time. My body, in a mode of pure self-preservation, screams to me, "Carbs! Eat carbs! The sugar and flour and chocolate chip cookie dough will keep you awake with short bursts of energy!"
And then secondly, my mind, also in survival mode, whispers, "Eat the brownies! Bake another pie! Eating yummy things is the ONLY thing you are doing for yourself these days. Do you blog daily anymore? No. Do you read for pleasure anymore? No. Do you take long scented bubble baths? Oh please. But scarfing down another another cookie while breastfeeding? This I have time for, and this I will do.


Devan said...

Don't worry about the weightloss just yet. You DO deserve and NEED brownies and cookies sometimes. :)

jen said...

hey I thought the same thing with D. L never woke up at night, but D woke up 3,058 times a night. I imagine I'd be a lot fatter if I didn't have to walk down steps to get my cookies.

I'm glad someone else likes those velcro blankets. Everyone seems to have nothing but bad things to say.

And I used to put my son down.. sling and all. Just take the sling off and set it down and take it off his face.. voila. I have several hundred adorable pictures of a baby in a sling on a bed, couch, car seat, laundry table, etc.

Swistle said...

Nursing & typing 1-handed. Will try rice, "let loose in midair" = ha ha, know EXACTLY what you mean re cookies.

Chelle said...

I use washable micro-fiber mopheads to clean my wood floors. But, I also use the Swiffer duster pads in between mopping. So I'm only half-way polluting the Earth. ha, ha.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I agree with Devan. Weight loss can come later. After some more sleep.

I will have to check out the rice. Who knew that I would ever feel like making rice was just TOO MUCH EFFORT?

And I love the Act Natural ( system for dry/wet mopping with ease and no chemicals and good for the environment. A lot like swiffer without the guilt!

jess said...

You know me and my fear of chemicals - I use a microfiber dust mop. I think I got it at Wally World for super cheap. I would, however, invest in a few of the microfiber cloths so that you don't have to wait until it dries to mop again.

RachelAnn said...

China, there is Splenda now....not sure if it gives you energy though but at least it's sweet : )

ttsc said...

Happy Birthday Addie! I hope you guys are all doing well.
- Taryn