Monday, September 10, 2007


1. I have rediscovered a delightful little combo called brownies and ice cream. I find that late at night, when one's oldest child has been hanging on them and crying and one's youngest child has been ever so slowly nursing and hogging that coveted commodity, Mommy's lap, a nice bowlful of this carbohydrate-laden treat goes a long way to bring down the stress level.
2. I took my last precious pain pill today, and feel sad and mournful tonight. Also crampy and sore, but there is no solace other than plain old Tylenol.
3. Speaking of general pain, they should really warn an eleven-day-postpartum mom who gamely brings her toddler and newborn to the first session of Kindermusik that this program involves the PARENT jumping and leaping and wriggling and dancing as well as the child. Laying on the floor and wriggling like a fishy. Need I say more?
4. In a similar vein, does anyone have any thoughts about Kindermusik? I want to try to introduce more structured activities into Addy's day, as she seems to be going really stir crazy, but this program seems somewhat expensive. I really enjoyed today's session, though, (residual aches and pains aside) and Adelay certainly did as well. Is it worth the money?
5. The skin on my stomach feels like bread dough. Yummy.
6. Sleep is really like a drug. Yesterday I didn't get much of a nap at all, and by bedtime Addy was unraveling and so was I. We both just sat there crying, and everyone was frustrated and despondent. Today, having gotten almost three hours of nap while both the kids slept(!), I felt strong and capable and the evening went smoothly.
7. Any ideas about how to clear up baby acne, short of wiping him down with Stridex pads? I know it's shallow and it doesn't matter to him, but it makes me feel like a dirty mom when my baby's face is all oily and breaking out.


Mommy Daisy said...

1. Yum!!!
2. Uh oh, I hope you start feeling better soon then. (Or I'm sure your OB could give you more for a little while if needed.)
3. Oh boy! Where do you find programs like that around here? I'd like to get Zachariah into tumbling or something like that. I don't know where to start looking for a program for his age.
4. Probably worth it. If I find something my kid enjoys like that, I think I'll be hooked.
5. Ugh, I remember that.
6. A 3 hour nap! What? If having 2 kids could be that easy, I'd jump on board right now. I gave up trying for naps after the newborn age, and I figured it would get worse with each child added.
7. No idea. Zachariah had it too. I just went away after a few weeks (then came the cradle cap). Matt's mom said all her kids had baby acne. And the doctor will tell you just to clean their face with water and a soft rag - no soap at all. Guess you just wait it out. That's what I did, but I know what you mean about wanting them pretty looking. ;)

Anonymous said...

We go to Kindermusik and my daughter LOVES it. This session is our second time, and I am a believer. It is expensive but well worth it in my opinion. Great music (we still listen to last session's CDs) and she learned so much, got good socialization, and grew. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

P.S. But not with an 11-day-old baby!!


Swistle said...

1) Brownies and ice cream, OH YES.

2) I always call the OB and ask for more. I feel like a total druggie doing it, but CRAP they're stingy. After Henry, the OB gave me a prescription for TWO DAYS' WORTH of pills. Made me want to offer to cut into his stomach and see how much pain medication HE wants.

3) Ha ha! Wriggling like a fishy!

6) The difference between slept/fed and not-slept/not-fed is so extreme, I felt like some sort of undomesticated animal.

7) I've never found a way to get rid of the acne. I wash the baby's face with a little bit of baby soap, but I don't think it helps.

Jess said...

You people are all so educational. I had NO IDEA that babies got acne. But see, at least you're not alone--so nobody will think of you as a dirty mom.

Also, I agree with Swistle that you should just ask for more pain medication if you're still in pain. There is no reason not to.

ttsc said...

We go to Music Together, it's a national program, see if there's one near you. Samantha LOVES it, you get a CD with it and she sings along (we all do). It's $95 for 10 weeks and totally worth it, and I don't like to spend too much on kids classes b/c I think it's so easy to miss them when you're talking about toddlers. This is our 4th session of Music Together. , we've been going since she was 9 months old.

ttsc said...

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LoriD said...

Mmm... brownies and ice cream. I'm 23 months post partum, but thinking that combo might just work for me too.

I've never done the Kindermusik. I always did the programs put on by the pubic library. They have lots of music, dancing and stories and keep the kids well entertained for 45 minutes. They are also free.

Anonymous said...

Brownies and Ice Cream *Drool*

Lisa said...

You're bringing me back to the early days of tears and ice cream:) I distinctly remember my husband spoon feeding me ice cream because my son would NOT stop nursing. Not kidding, he was either nursing or crying for about an 8 hour stretch one day so jim fed me ice cream to head off the nervous breakdown I was teetering on:) Hang in there!

jen said...

I've never been to kindermusik but can I just say.. as horrible as it makes me sound.. that I hate anything that makes ME do the work too? I signed L up for soccer at the Y and much to my horror, the parents had to play too. Kind of tough when I was running around carrying a screaming baby! And operating the parachute with one hand while all the other mothers got annoyed.. didn't they understand he would not stay in day care? That he'd scream if I tried?

For the acne, you can try putting breastmilk on his face. (if you're nursing) No I'm not kidding it totally worked for me. Same thing for a blocked tear duct. It's worth a shot anyway, it won't hurt him. Other than that nothing works that you'd want to put on his face.