Monday, September 26, 2011

To: The Universe Re: Grievances, Commendations

Dear Universe,

I greatly dislike the phase "it never rains but it pours" because it is so darn true. Always. For reference, here's what you threw my way in the last forty eight hours:

-a four year old who ran laughing away from me in a department store, and stayed lost for a half an hour, to the point that I had all the employees helping me look for him, had other employees watching the door to make sure no one was absconding with a wily looking four year old, and an older sibling who was weeping in terror, sure her brother had been kidnapped or would be lost forever, doomed to wander the clothing racks of Kohls eternally. That was fun. (We found him in a mens' dressing room, fyi, playing with a Christmas toy he had first snagged from a table REALLY REALLY FAR from where I first lost sight of him.)

The worst of that situation was actually that he just flat out refused to apologize to me or listen to my very stern lecture on the car ride home. He was clearly not getting it, what a big deal what he had done was and how he could never do that again. (This is something that has happened before, btw. More than once.) So I finally had to ask Jim talk to him instead, since he wasn't listening to me, and I really really loathe being that mom who's all, "Just wait til your father gets home!" My motto's always been, "If it happens on your watch, it's your problem." But what could I do? I just felt very strongly about getting across that we don't run away and hide in public places. It's kind of one of those hill-die-on issues, right?

-a kid who woke up screaming in the night with sudden ear pain, and had to miss school YET AGAIN today while I fussed around for six hours with the doctor's office trying to either get an appointment or simply get a prescription called in.

-the joy of being awake all night with said child, who didn't sleep from about twelve thirty to four thirty. The baby then woke up to nurse fifteen minutes after THAT, and then, just as I was finally drifting off to sleep, I realized that above all the rain outside, I could hear rain falling INSIDE, and flung open the linen closet door to discover that it was leaking again. A lot. All over the place. Including on my head. It was a long night.

-Jim stayed home from work today to deal with the roofing repair people... who never showed up, even after being called three times. *bangs head on table in frustration*

BUT. Here's the happy thing that almost evens out all the sucky. I met with my old doula Saturday just to get some general guidance for my upcoming birth, and she asked me to consider joining her when I get certified! This is exactly what I was hoping for, and I am so excited to have someone to learn from, and to be brought alongside a professional doula who already has an established business and a name in the community. What a gift, not to have to just jump in by myself, starting from scratch with putting together a business and a website and building a reputation for myself. It's certainly a big responsibility, since she's basically sharing with me her own good name in the community and trusting that I won't do anything to tarnish it. So that's weighty, right there. I'm so touched to be trusted that way.

It just feels like everything is coming together with this doula thing, and that this was totally the right time in my life to pursue this path. I'm so happy I finally found a passion, and a way to offer something meaningful to the community someday while still for the most part remaining an at-home parent. Every time I think about how it's all working out I just start grinning like an idiot. Call it luck, call it God's plan, call it fate, whatever. I call it awesome, and I am so thankful!


CAQuincy said...

I soooo wish that we lived in the same general area. I would be signing you up as my doula stat!

Nowheymama said...

Our linen closet leaks, too! Twinsies!

Tracy said...

I'm so jealous of the doula thing! I haven't gotten to a place where I can start my own buisiness, mainly because I keep spitting babies out. But, when I do, I'm not even sure where to start. It's a little overwhelming.

Nik-Nak said...

Ugh I was shaking with terror the whole time you were talking about the disappearance thing. That is my biggest fear and I know that must have been a horrible few minutes when you didn't know where he was.

Congrats on the doula lead. That is a big accomplishment....would you be willing to fly to TN when I have my next kid? I bet you're going to be awesome at this.

Swistle said...

HE WAS LOST HALF AN HOUR. OMG. I feel like shipping you a case of wine. Holy crow. I totally agree: hill-to-die-on, call in the father for a stern lecture, etc. We're the same as you guys about "The parent on duty is the one who handles it"---but for bigger stuff we both weigh in, to impress the child with the seriousness.

AND THE RAIN LEAK, and then the roof guys not showing up! after being up with an ear infectioned child! TWO cases of wine.

But that IS such great news about being a doula with your old doula!

d e v a n said...

That last one IS great, good for you! Those others? Yeeeeeeeesh.
The first one would have me in a sheer, shaky panic.

Michelle said...

Oh, I would have been weeping along with your daughter had my child wandered off for a half an hour. That is my biggest fear.

And YEAH for becoming a doula! What a great path.

Erin said...

I'm with CAQuincy. Want to make a quick trip to Missouri this week and be my doula? I'm only a little bit joking.

That running away stuff scares the poop out of me. I hear myself sometimes sounding like a hysterical mom, "Boys! BOYS! Don't run so far ahead! BOYS!!!" as my voice gets-- not louder-- but higher pitched. And yet. What are you to do?