Friday, September 02, 2011


Thing the first: Eli had two very fun birthday parties, both held at our house on consecutive days. Which means that this week I refused to mop or scrub or sometimes even to vacuum up piles of cracker crumbs off the carpet, because I had used up all cleaning energy preparing for said parties. I had also stupidly planned the family party for the day AFTER the kid party, which meant I basically cleaned for a party, had kids grimy up the house, and then had to clean again for the family gathering. Just very poor planning on my part.

*I was hoping the will to clean up would return by the weekend, but yesterday Mother Nature abruptly announced my return to the land of the fertile, if you catch my drift, so I'm mostly just feeling the will to lie around with a heating pad. Boo.

Thing the second: I wanted to post pictures from the parties, including the awesome cake my sister made Eli, but my camera and/or the computer is refusing to cooperate with the downloading of the pictures, so just suffice it to say there was much fun had by all. The weather was beautiful, we all hung out on the (freshly stained by yours truly) deck, ate a beautiful football cake, played with a giant foaming bubble gun, met my brother in law's new girlfriend (yay!) and admired: a new football helmet and jersey, football guy action figures, Transformers toys, a new Batman costume, and a new football, soccer ball, baseball bat and mit, etc etc.

Then on his actual birthday, Tuesday, his Neena and Aunt Laura and I took the kids to the zoo for one last hurrah, and to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch, including a birthday cupcake. If I were Eli, I would have declared it the best birthday ever, but of course in the days following the Weekend of Partying, he was just a little worn out and overwhelmed and behaved far more like a three year old than a four year old. Isn't that always how it goes.

Thing the third: Addy's kindergarten screening went very well, and today at two o'clock they will post teacher lists. FINALLY. I can't believe they put it off to the last minute like that. Apparently too many people were trying to switch teachers or request to be in classes with certain friends, things like that, so now they just don't even tell you who you've got until the weekend before school starts. Nice. We also got the bus situation sorted out, too (she and her friend down the street will ride to school with me in the mornings, but she will ride the bus home, since it's a much shorter trip for her in the afternoon.) All that's left is orientation day, and then we just have to... drop her off at school. Without us. For HOURS. Gah.

Thing the fourth: The last of my doula books are finally in, thanks to several inter-library loans, so I can uphold my honor code! Whew! I also had an informal meeting with my first doula client a couple of days ago, during her one hour glucose screening, and it went really well. She is an ideal candidate for a doula, as her husband is a first time dad and very nervous about the birth, so I feel like I will really be of use. I still have so much technical stuff to learn, though! I can't wait for the workshop!

Thing the fifth: Jameson has run a fever the last few days, and though he's no longer got a temperature, he is and has been SO. CRANKY. Especially during the night. He was like a newborn, only wanting to sleep on my body, but also like an eleven month old, wanting to flop around and change positions a gazillionty times. Ugh. Between that and ye olde return of the menstrual cycle, I am feeling in a VERY SPECIAL MOOD TODAY.


Scottish Twins said...

Boo on the return of the fertility. But yay for the possibility of another babe sometime soon ;)

Sarah said...

ROFL! Um, not anytime TOO soon!

Saly said...

Well I'm glad your fertility return waitied this long at least!! After Liv, it was about 8 weeks before mine started. UGH.

I'm so excited to hear more about your becoming a doula. That is one of my long term goals as well.

Scottish Twins said...

Give me another year and we can do it together again :)

d e v a n said...

Glad the birthdays went well! I do that sort of thing too, with the cleaning, and then realize I just did a lot of work that will quickly be undone and then redone. fun.

Tracy said...

Woot for the workshop coming up! yay!

Also, I have learned not to clean floors when children are coming to visit. How long do they even stay clean? Maybe past the second guest.

Swistle said...

Ah, the return to fertility. Seems like it should involve more bluebirds tying bows of pink ribbon and chirping lovely little feminine tunes, but OH NO.