Monday, October 03, 2011

Birthdays. Plural. So! Many! Birthdays!

The weekend of hosting multiple birthday parties went off very well, but oh my word, I am FEELING it today. I just keep staggering around as though someone is sneakily refilling my coffee cup with decaf. I even went to bed early last night, but apparently sevenish hours of sleep was not enough to counter the effects of: a big family birthday dinner Friday night for both Addy and Jamie, a kid birthday party Saturday afternoon for Addy's friends, a family dinner and late night with my sister Saturday evening, and church and a Fall Festival on Sunday.

These pictures are not in any kind of order, and I am too lazy and sleepy to bother flipping them around, so, randomly, here are some photos of the weekend.

This morning, opening presents before school.

With some friends, at her Rock Star! themed party. (At which the theme was kind of a bust... The plan was for the kids to each get an instrument, or position of singer or dancer, and put together a little show for the grown ups performing to Addy's favorite dance music. Instead, the motley crew quickly fell apart due to the inevitable band problems: internal power struggles and ego issues. At least it wasn't drugs or alcohol, I guess. But the concert was cancelled.)

Awesome cake, courtesy of my sister Laura. (That's right, my policy is that I host the parties, but Sarah no bake-y. Let's all stick with what we do best.)

Photo board from Adelay and Jameson's joint party.

Jamers was utterly riveted by his singing card.

Notice all of the helping hands assisting the birthday boy with his gifts. Just one of the many benefits of having lots of cousins and siblings! Learn to love it, Jamie.

Addy with her pile of gifts, with which she needed NO assistance, thankyouverymuch. Like mother, like daughter.

As per his usual stance on... people, places, and things, Jamie approached the whole cake ritual with some skepticism.

Birthday boy may have been slightly underwhelmed, but the rest of us were blown away by the treasure chest cake my mom made. Pretty sweet, no?

And this is where I found myself this afternoon, trying to read that doula book there on the footrest, but instead falling asleep in the sunshine. Oh well. I've earned a nap. Maybe tomorrow I'll be productive again.


Michelle said...

He's 1?!? Is that possible?!?

Looks like everyone had a blast! Get some rest!

Those cakes are amazing.

Tracy said...

wow! I can't believe he's one, either!

I totally agree, btw, that you deserved a nap. I nap almost every day. I am, afterall, growing a human.

d e v a n said...

Looks like they had great birthdays! the younger ones always get lots of "help" opening presents here too :)

Nik-Nak said...

1. I love your kids.

2. I am amazed at the cake making abilities that your family has.

3. Very proud of you for having so many celebrations and not having a nervous breakdown.

4. Your deck looks very relaxing and inviting. Am jealous.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

The cakes? Amazing!


jim said...

lol, love the muddy dog prints on the deck

Katy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one completely shocked that Jamie is one. One!!! Adelay is looking so grown up these days as well--it's true what they say--kids get old too quickly.