Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gag Me

I've always said that the one gross part of parenting that I've never gotten used to/gotten over is throwing up. It just freaks me out, and I hate most of all that usually when your kids are throwing up, it means the whole family is more or less sick and so YOU are feeling kind of queasy, too.

Well, I think this weekend may have officially gotten me over throw up. First I went to my friend's bachelorette party, and it was awesome and fun UNTIL I decided to try a shot for basically the first time in my life, after having had quite a bit of wine and a few tequila sunrises over the course of the previous several hours. Usually I'm such a lightweight about alcohol that I have a no-doing-shots-ever policy, but I think what happened here was that I was JUST drunk enough to think maybe it would be fun!

Was. Not. Fun. I don't even want to describe it all, it would be too embarrassing, but let's just say there's a pair of suede boots that need dry cleaning, a club floor to which I owe a new mop, and I may also send my friends Kelly and Beth an I'm-so-sorry-I-threw-up-in-your-bathroom-SINK care package of Lysol wipes and Febreeze. (In my defense, I was on antibiotics, which definitely makes you more likely to get sick while drinking. But I apparently drank just enough that I FORGOT I wasn't supposed to drink too much. Nice. Also, the sink? There was someone on the floor of the bathroom- that's right, I'm not the only one who can't hold her liquor- and I was afraid of tripping over her on my way to the toilet, so I apparently just stumbled to the nearest receptacle of any kind.) It was a night of humble pie, let me tell you, as I have always been quite proud of my ability to drink just enough to have fun and not enough to get wasted or throw up. Sigh. Guess I can take that off my resume.

I was then horribly hung over all the next day, and then even into the next, which seemed kind of excessive until my KIDS started throwing up and I realized that possibly not all of my achy-ness and nausea was due to the weekend's unsavory activities. Yes, that's right, I returned home from a night of vomiting to... two more days of vomiting. And it turns out my kids aren't any better at finding a good spot to throw up than I am. I feel like I'm caught in the world's longest hangover, and I hereby vow, before the Internets and everyone, to never again as long as I live do a shot.


MotherRunner said...

Ohhhhh noooo... This sounds awful. So sorry you've had such an icky weekend... healthy vibes your way!

Swistle said...

In my admittedly limited experience, it seems to be not so much "shots" as "mixing types of alcohol" that causes the barfies. Like, if you'd had one shot after another of the same liquor, you might have been fine---but wine mixed with tequila mixed with another hard liquor = barfing galore.

I don't know why this IS, though, because it makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Second try - hope this one takes.

Now I can't remember what I said. Something along the lines of - OH NO, poor you!!! This must seem like a special kind of hell. I bet it's a long while before you feel like drinking again, no matter that most of this was non-alcohol induced.

Hope you're a puke-free zone soon!

Michelle said...

Oh my. Nothing is worse than dealing with throw up when you feel like throwing up yourself.

My sympathies.

Tracy said...

oh man! Maybe it was a combination of drinking too much AND the sickies? ewe.

d e v a n said...

oh gawd - that sounds horrible! So sorry about the day of vomiting. ugh.

B said...

As you know I've recently dealt with some vomiting as well... It's never a good time :(

Nik-Nak said...

Hahahhaaaa if you puked you know you had a good time!!

I love shots. More drunk+less time-less alcohol=worth it

I have been known, though, to take so many in a row that I immediately tossed my cookies after slamming one back so you definitely have to be careful in shot territory.

Feel better! (Try pickle juice)

Hillary said...

I cannot imagine having to deal with children while hungover. I'm so very sorry.