Friday, February 11, 2011


Yikes, it's almost been a week since my last annoyingly earnest post! (Yes, I do realize my writing lately has taken a turn towards the honest-bordering-on-over sharing. I feel like I keep writing personal manifestos instead of blog posts.)

My excuse is that my out of town sisters were both IN town last weekend, and then the really really out of town one, the one I haven't seen for a YEAR and who had never met Jameson, stayed until Thursday, so, my priorities were elsewhere. We had a ton of fun, but man, I was exhausted by the end. I felt like I needed a day to recover from so much togetherness! There was shopping and eating and movies and eating and talking and eating and drinking and eating! Hah.

We also made cookies one night, Jeni and Adelay and I, and Jeni and I decided we'd like a little wine while we baked. However, we couldn't find a wine we wanted, so I dug up some rum from my parents' pantry and made us some rum and Cokes instead. Except, it wasn't regular old rum; I accidentally made us a pretty stiff cocktail using two fingers of Bacardi 151 for each smallish tumbler. I was, if you'll pardon my French, kind of drunk off my ass there for about fifteen minutes. And totally without intention, in front of my CHILD, and my PARENTS. Worst buzz EVER!

Ah, and now I have to go because Adelay is calling that Eli "poopeded somewhere." Fantastic. I'll get back to those thirty blogging topics any day now, promise! Mwah!


Kelsey said...

Well I'm a fan of rum and coke, so I'm sorry that didn't go better! (The best are made w/ Captain Morgan spiced rum...) Glad you're all okay over there and sorry about the poop!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I think derailed pretty much sums up the entirety of motherhood in the early years. I sometimes find myself standing in the middle of a room going, "Whaaaaaa? What am I doing in here?" And then the wild things clamor again and I promptly lose that train of thought.

Perhaps we'll be able to form cohesive thoughts and actions one day. Like, when they're thirty.

And, for kicks... one day I decided to add a bit of butterscotch schnaaps to a cup of coffee, except, it kinda spilled. But it didn't TASTE strong, so I drank it anyway, (not having had a drink in almost a year). Um, yeah, that was one wild hour of parenting.

d e v a n said...

bahahaha! too funny about the rum and coke. hee