Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 12

Something I bought recently... This is really boring, but I recently bought a couple of eco-friendly pans that are nonstick but don't release any bad chemicals when they're heated. They are seriously the best nonstick pans I've ever had, and since Jim's been on his diet/health food kick I've been stir frying veggies in them just about every day. But this is so BORING it's killing me.

How 'bout this? I recently, in a fit of extravagance, bought myself a new mascara!! Revlon something or other, which I will undoubtedly wear about once a week and which will go bad before I finish it, but oh well.

Oh, I also bought a bottle of rum. Regular rum, not 151, for the record. THAT will not go bad before I finish it.


d e v a n said...

I have an ongoing issue with finding the perfect, non-stick and NON TOXIC pans. Please, do share where you got them and the brand!! :)

jen(melty) said...

I am also interested in knowing all about your pans! hehe. I made the switch to cast iron last year and I love it.