Monday, March 29, 2010

State of Union-Type Post

Oh goodness, my dears. I felt so well today- no traces of the cold, the morning sickness just a vague queasiness if I let myself get too hungry, energy level NORMAL- that I went a little crazy on the built up housework: I was vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and laundering like a crazed Donna Reed. And HOO BOY can I feel it. I had been wondering previously about my hip pain, or rather, my lack of hip pain, with this pregnancy, because even with my first baby, my hips were aching any time I was on my feet by about two months along. This time, I haven't felt so much as a twinge. But today? Today my hips are being jackhammered apart and my lower back is screaming in protest. Guess the pain was there waiting all along- I just haven't been moving enough to feel it until now! Good to know everything is business as usual. But whatever, it's so worth it. My house is so clean again. Even the throw blankets are clean and dog hair free. Ahhh. And I haven't even dry heaved once today.

That would be in direct contrast to Friday, when I ran out of Zofran (and was already feeling especially yucky, even with the meds) and was completely without it for over twenty four hours due to a fuss between the doctor's office and my insurance company, trying to convince the insurance company to PAY for the refill my doctor had already APPROVED. Grr. While waiting for them to stop griping and cough up the coverage, I managed to throw up about five times, one of them on my own front lawn. A stellar day. After this pregnancy, I don't think I would even consider getting knocked up again if I didn't know that this fantastic medicine existed should I need it. (And every day I think, "Dear God, please let my kid not have six fingers because of this drug.")

Anywhays, that's pretty much all that's been going on over here. Oh, Eli continues down the path of great resistance re: toilet training, despite all the fabulous Spiderman and Cars underpants awaiting him in his drawer and the stockpile of Cars... cars waiting in the closet to be handed out for potty successes. He's had a few, but for the most part seems highly suspicious of this whole bathroom independence prospect. He's especially unimpressed with the underwear: every day we ask him if he'd like a diaper or underpants and he shrieks "DIAPER! Want DIAPER!" So.

We did an Easter egg hunt with family this past weekend, so we have plenty of candy now, especially considering the jelly beans and malted eggs I had already purchased for the baskets. Anyone have good ideas for Easter basket stuffers besides candy?


Marie Green said...

In your lawn! Oh my. I'm so glad that medication exists, too!

Also, for Easter baskets: kites, bubbles, chalk, sticker books, seeds to plant, gardening gloves or tools... most of that stuff is pretty cheap- a dollar or two.

Fran said...

Glad to hear you are doing some "normal" stuff!!
As for the baskets, a friend of moine always puts in a new toothbrush which I think is HILARIOUS. We usually buy the latest Disney "back on DVD for a limited time" movie...I think it's "Alice in Wonderland" this year. This is usually left BETWEEN baskets so it's for everyone!

Hillary said...

Stickers, chalk, bubbles, balls, trucks ...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. My hips always feel like they're splitting apart, too, in pregnancy.

Michelle said...

This year the basket will be filled with all sorts of little cars and a giant stuffed Lightning McQueen will sit where most people put the chocolate bunny. We'll have an egg hunt with half the eggs filled with flavored cheerios and the other eggs filled with a single piece of candy. He should end up with less than two dozen pieces of candy total if I've done this right. 8-)

Jana said...

I am so glad you're feeling better! I was getting worried about you!

As for Easter basket items, this year we're giving our daughter an outfit for her AG doll, a small puzzle for our puzzle-obsessed three year old son and probably bubble bath for the one year old. Bubbles, new crayons, sticker books and artsy-craftsy things always go over well, too.

d e v a n said...

Zofran is the shit. I only used it for my 4th pregnancy, but I WISH I had had it for all of them! (and no 6 fingers. hee)

Easter baskets:
new pj's
small book

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I try to minimize the candy, so my kids always get a book and a DVD and then various other things like sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, bath fizzies, flower or vegetable seeds, gardening gloves, bubbles, beads for making bracelets. This year the older kids MIGHT get a DS game and the little one some Lite Brite page refills.

bananafana said...

I have NO IDEA what I'm putting in Easter baskets this year so I guess I'd better get on that. I just wrote down everyone elses suggestions so I'm blatantly stealing.
I hated feeling pukey during pregnancy - One of my most vivid memories from my second pregnancy is still puking in a halloween candy bucket while driving. awesome. So glad your house is clean - that always makes me feel so much better/improves my mood drastically so I hope it does the same for you!!!

Katy said...

My mom puts goofy dollar store stuff in Charlie's basket because he doesn't do candy. Also, single serving size bags of crackers.

If ever the universe were telling you to avoid housework, then this would be it.

Sarah said...

I can totally relate to the hip pain. I felt it early on as well and it wasn't pretty at the end.

I'm puting books, trucks, and a few Target dollar-bin finds in Little Man's basket.