Monday, February 01, 2010

***coughcough oh hey I have new blog now coughcough***

I feel a little shy about this, but I sort of started another blog. Nothing fun and flashy like a review blog or a fashion blog or a cooking blog- no, this would be more like a whining blog. Er, venting, not whining, exactly. Except more constructive than venting, because the idea is to get helpful or at least interesting feedback. So it's a...

Oh, right. It's a blog blog. Well. Just come look, please?


Omaha Mama said...

I love this idea and have already subscribed in my reader. It's a topic that I'm not always open with friends about and rarely blog about. But could write a BOOK about! :0) Looking forward to future therapy sessions.
~Melanie, frequent reader & infrequent commenter

Scottish Twins said...

Ooooooh. Fun :)