Friday, March 07, 2008

Gimme Five

Okay, this is an unapologetically lazy post, because I am rushed due to having had to read all of YOUR blogs with a baby in my lap and therefore having to comment one handed. Which is tedious and slow and leaves me with approx. zero minutes to write my own post. Darn babies, always interfering with the important stuff.
So I'm pretty sure somebody tagged me for a Five Things meme, yes? Shelly? (No, I will not link. Refer to above paragraph.) She used a theme, so I'm attempting to follow suit.

Five Things About Me, The Last Time I... Edition

1. The last time I cooked an actual dinner was probably over a week ago. I'm really not sure what happened in the time between then and now. A lot of pizza, is what I'm thinking.

2. The last time I shaved my legs was two days ago. That's respectable, right?

3. The last time I cleaned out my car (beyond dumping the accumulated trash) was right before Eli was born. There is also a ginormous spray of mud up one of the sides because I drove into my in-laws' yard accidentally. Suffice it to say I mentally cringe every single time I get in the car. I was raised by a dad who FREAKED if you so much as fingerprinted the GLASS, you guys. I actually take car cleanliness pretty seriously, though you would never know it from the STATE of my vehicle. Its filthiness weighs on my conscience.

4. The last time I ironed anything was at LEAST three months ago. Probably a lot more. Our ironing board is basically a decorative prop strategically placed in the laundry room to make it APPEAR like normal, shirt-ironing type people live here.

5. The last time I flossed was... Never. I mean, I seriously could count on one hand the number of times I've done this. I've only had one cavity and always get congratulated by the dentist on the state of my teeth, btw, so don't give me that "you disgusting, rotten-toothed person" look. My teeth are SERIOUSLY close together, though. Before I got braces I had to have four teeth pulled just to make room in my mouth for the others to be straightened. It's CROWDED in there, is what I'm saying. Flossing, beyond being a general pain, is a LITERAL pain for me. I have to forcefully saw through my teeth, inevitably stabbing my gums with the wire, to achieve anything like flossing, and it ends with a mouth full of blood. Not worth it, my friends, not worth it.

And thus ends yet another eye-opening look into my life! Happy weekend, everyone. Everyone who doesn't live around here and isn't facing another ten inches of snow, that is.


Jess said...

You've shaved your legs a LOT more recently than I have. Not to be gross or anything. But... it's winter!

Shannon said...

You shave more than I do and we floss about the same. I have the same close teeth issue. I had all canines pulled when I was about six or so to make room and then I had another tooth pulled prior to braces. I HATE flossing.

Mommy Daisy said...

Hey, I don't iron either. My iron just holds up a wall.

I have the same small mouth problem as you. (I, too, am missing 4 permanent teeth + all 4 wisdom teeth.) But I get cavities really easily...I guess. And I brush really well and all the time. Cursed soft enamel (or something). After having Zachariah I had 4 cavities between teeth. Ugh. I know it was from poor brushing during pregnancy...because I puked whenever I brushed my teeth. So I usually tried to get in and out quickly. Anyway...sorry about all that.

Let's hope we don't get all that snow!

LoriD said...

My car is filthy too. I'm better at keeping up with it when it's warm, but when it's cold whatever drops in the backseat stays, freezes and gets removed only in the spring.

I LOVE flossing my teeth. Even my kids floss (or at least they let me floss for them), but my husband won't. He doesn't have any dental problems either.

Maggie said...

It's only been 2 days since you shaved your legs?! It's winter - you should win an award!

andi said...

I honestly can't remember the last time I shaved my legs - like some of the other girls said, it is winter. Disgusting, but true.

Oh, and ironing? Probably years ago.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I've lived in this house for over two years and I think I've used the built-in ironing board in the kitchen exactly once in that whole time.

I'm kinda proud of that, actually.

As for the flossing, I'm jealous. I floss every damn day and STILL I get The Look from the dentist every damn time I go in. I've got crappy teeth and flossing's not doing much for me apparently.

SLynnRo said...

I gotta say, I'm all about the leg shaving. I do it EVERY day, regardless of season, and it never mattered if I had a boyfriend or not. I can't stand stubble!

JMC said...

Um, yeah, the leg shaving thing? I'm with the it's winter folks.

My car is disgusting right now. Aside from emptying the obvious trash every week or so, whatever is in the way back kids area stays until it's warm enough for me to spend some time outside crawling back there to clean it out.

I can't remember the last time I ironed. I'm pretty sure my iron is broken and has been for at least a year, but I haven't tested it to know absolutely.

I floss occasionally. But like you, good teeth. No cavities. So the dentist lets me slide. They do have this new "Easy Glide" floss. Crest, I think? Anyway, it's made for tight spaces between teeth.

Bird said...

Ach. I too have experienced the one-handed commenting. It wears you out.

I forget to floss too. My husband is completely awesome and never forgets which makes me feel like an old yucky tooth. Even worse? I need a new dentist and an old sorority sister of mine has just become one. How horrible will it be to have someone I know know that I don't floss nearly enough!

Delia S. said...

I actually cooked dinner last night for the first time in days. I used to cook every night, but lately with work being so crazy we've been living off pizza and Mac's.

Shaved only 2 days ago? Way better than me. I actually prefer to have a wax at a salon, but I can't afford it at the moment, but I don't want to shave because, y'know, you have to let the hair grow for waxing (nice convenient argument against shaving, don't you think?)

Inside my car I will admit is pretty clean. The outside is a different story. I can count the number of times I have washed my car on one hand, and I can't even remember the last time I dis such a thing.

Ironing I unfortunately do every couple of days as my hubby has a knack for buying clothes that a) can't be placed in a drier and b) if they aren't ironed make him look like he was dragged through a bush backwards.

Ditto on the flossing thing. Although I go one step further and make it that I also don't go to the dentist. I went, I think, twice when I was a kid, and then again once 2 years ago to have my wisdom teeth removed, but other than that, I do not go. And I have no cavaties (touch wood). I make sure I brush really, really well, and in general I take good care of my teeth. My theory is that when they start messing around in the mouth, that is what starts causing issues. My teeth aren't 100% straight because I avoided braces, but I actually kind of like em that way.

Pickles & Dimes said...

You're doing good on the leg shaving! It's winter here, so I'm waaaaay more lax.

My teeth are really close together too, but I floss as much as I can stand it (3-4 times a week). I HATE when the hygientists whipsaw the floss back and forth and then yell at me afterwards because my gums are inflamed and bleeding.

Saly said...

Hmm, last time I shaved my legs....not sure. You are definitely respectable.

I never iron. I am famous for throwing my clothes in the dryer for a few to de-wrinkle.

Also- we got 18 inches of snow this weekend. BAH!

d e v a n said...

wow. I can't even remeber where my iron is. *hangs head in shame*
WOW on the flossing! I have to floss all the time and I've had way more cavities than you. lucky girl!

Astarte said...

I am in the same flossing situation. My teeth are so crowded that I have to saw the floss in, too, and then half the time it breaks before it's done any good. Plus, I'm lazy/hurried/harried.

I shave once a week, if I'm lucky, my lower legs. My thighs, well, let's just say I could easily be confused with a grizzly bear from the back at this point.

As for the car, the best thing that happened to me today was that the Grease Monkey guys vacuumed it after they replaces my brakes! It almost made it worth the outrageous amount of money I had to fork out to them!

Black Sheeped said...

After about a week, the stubble gets SOFT. The longer it gets, the softer it gets.

These are the things you learn in art school.

They made me have two teeth pulled before I got braces in middle school, and then later were all, WHOOPS, I guess we didn't need to do that! Sorry! This is, of course, after the dentist didn't believe me that the anesthetic hadn't set in yet.


Kelsey said...

I much lazier about tooth care than many members of my family and yet rarely have a problem. . . mouth chemistry has a lot to do with it! My poor sister brushes and flosses like crazy and still has one or two cavities a year. I guess you have lucky teeth!

Don Mills Diva said...

You shaved your legs 2 days ago and it's March - you are waaay ahead of me sista!