Saturday, April 14, 2012

Honey Badger Don't Care! And Neither Does Baby.

Hey! That ticker down at the bottom says our baby girl will arrive in approximately ninety days. And, I would bet at least fourteen less than that, though who knows. Maybe these progesterone shots will work SO darn well that my cervix will stay closed up like a tomb until thirty nine weeks. I keep dreaming of this, though I'm also trying to mentally prepare myself that bedrest is still possible, that these shots don't guarantee anything. I don't want to be devastated if I go in for a thirty or thirty two week check up and find out that my body has begun the early labor process and that the little munchkin has settled into zero station already, just like her older siblings did. And at least I have the comfort of knowing the bedrest would in all likelihood work to prevent a premature birth. It seems like as soon as I get horizontal and get the baby off my cervix things always settle down. So there's that. But just please, please, please, dear fetus o' mine, not before next weekend and not before my baby shower!

And not before I get this house organized. Here I am, a week from the big Third Trimester of Craziness, three weeks from the point when I went on bed rest in my last pregnancy, and I have done nothing in the way of nesting or preparing save for the few baby dresses and onesies hanging in our closet (with the tags still on.) Oh, wait, that's not true. I did... register. Which I said I wouldn't do. But then I was at Babies R Us to look at yet another cosleeper thing (the kind you actually put in the adult bed with you, but it's like its own little bed within the bed?) and as I wandered around, I was getting a little overwhelmed thinking about what I needed to remember to stock up on and what might be nice to have this time around. And then I thought, well, what the heck. Give me the little clicker. If nothing else, it'll be an online checklist for myself to remind me that before we bring this kid home it would be good to have some new burp cloths and newborn pacifiers, and that I really want one of those little eight dollar foam bath pad things because every baby tub or seat I've ever had was a giant space sucking pain in the butt. Also, it was totally fun to scan things. Eli was very impressed with my clicker.

But I have yet to even make a real LIST, you guys, not one single list of Things To Do Before Baby and Things To Clean Before Baby and Irrelevant Things To Panic About Before Baby! Every other birth has warranted multiples of such lists floating around the house and my brain, and this time I just keeping thinking, "Eh, plenty of time to get to all that." Except now there's kind of NOT, not with the trip and potential bedrest and the fact that I'd prefer to do stuff like cleaning out my dusty, disorganized cupboards before my belly gets ridiculously giant.

On the other hand, I can always do that after she comes. Or never. The baby doesn't care! That's my new motto.

Oh and PS Jameson's cold is back, or he has a new one, or his allergies are going crazy or some such shite. Remember when I said I was gonna burn all the things? Yeah. That formerly white-ish couch is first on the list. The amount of mucous in this house is just unreal. (Heh. Shoulda had that as the title of this post. That's grabby right there.)


Fine For Now said...

Oh crap! 90 days? I feel like I have done nothing! I'm glad you posted this!! :-)

d e v a n said...

You're right: The baby doesn't care!
I hope you make it with no bed rest this time! Keep working shots!

Saly said...

90 Days or less!!! Holy cow!!

ML said...

It seems to be going sooo fast! My daughter used the bed co-sleeper for their worked GREAT for quite a few months!!

Tracy said...

we called that in-the-bed cosleeper our "box". Its so much fun to say "hey, put the baby in the box." or "we need to wash the box." see, laughs all around. also, wish we lived closer. You could totally just have our box.

Taryn said...

I have about 60 days now and I have not done anything at all. I know I need a new carseat because the ones we used before is now 6 years old. Other than that I have boxes of stuff in the basement that I need to start going through. I figure if I do it within the next month I should be good.