Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday To Me. Seriously.

How did I not know about this website?! I am so happy right now.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Seriously. Please to enjoy, if you haven't already. Particularly entries in the Reasons You Are Still Single and Trying Too Hard categories. Oh, and this one, which adorably details one perky housewife's cleaning schedule in such excruciating and unfathomable detail that upon reading, I instantly wanted to stick my head in my (not spotless) oven. And I even normally like cleaning and do it fairly regularly, but... who dusts their ceiling fans and steams their grout WEEKLY??

My guess is it's the same lady who pinned this picture.


Scottish Twins said...

::nerd alert::

I really enjoy the blog that the fridge picture came from (iheartorganizing). And I also enjoy detailed cleaning lists - even though I never complete them. It just feels good to have ambition and an organized plan :P

Fran said...

Thank you! So much! My sides hurt from all the laughing

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

ha,ha, It mad me laugh! My favorite is the shoe design.