Monday, April 25, 2011

Health Kick Post! And Also Some Nursing Questions

So today I started the not diet diet, as in, I'm not counting calories and I'm not going to be hungry, because my milk supply is somewhat lame as it is, but I AM going to pay a heck of a lot more attention to what I'm shoveling into my cake-hole. Basically, I made a list of foods I know to be healthy and filling for me, and that's what I'm eating from, for... indefinitely. Until I get sick of it. Or something. This is SO boring, I know, but whatever, Tess requested it, so here is my list of foods:

-any fruits or veggies
-string cheese (low fat)
-cottage cheese
-Greek yogurt
-low sodium veggie soup
-a couple servings a day of whole grains like brown rice, Grape Nuts, oatmeal or similar
-fruit leather
(last two are my substitute snacks for when I'm craving crunchy or sweet)

Now, I like all these foods, and I'm eating enough to stay full, so it's hardly torture or deprivation here. Like for dinner I had tilapia and fingerling red potatoes (yes, I'm still eating potatoes- WHAT OF IT?) and asparagus. I seasoned the fish with a dash of EVOO, s and p, and herbs and everything else with just herbs, and it was a totally normal dinner for us and I was fine. But I'm a pretty genuine sugar addict, so ignoring the Easter candy has been rough today. I also realized that I have some sort of internal clock that goes off around two pm every day and announces, "Time to have some coffee and a sweet!" That was a rough couple of hours, even though I FELT okay (actually LESS tired than usual, interestingly) but I just felt all twitchy and weird and kept roaming back to the kitchen as though I had forgotten something. Forgotten my daily infusion of love handle fat, I suppose.

I wrote down everything I ate today, and that helped a lot with resisting the candy. Which I realize is simply a matter of willpower, but it didn't help that it was pouring rain again and I was stuck in the house, bored, all day long in the VICINITY of the candy. (Hilarious side note: it has rained like twenty out of the last twenty five days here! Oh, you delightful April showers! You have made our backyard so wet that a pair of DUCKS have taken up residence! For reals.) While I was at it, I also wrote down every time Jamie nursed, something I have not once bothered to do since bringing him home from the hospital. Can you tell I embrace the nurse-on-demand style of parenting wholeheartedly?

I had been worrying that maybe he wasn't eating enough during the day, and that was why he's still getting up three (3)(THREE DO YOU REALIZE HOW OFTEN THAT IS??!) times a night to eat. But I think... that's not the problem. He's nursed six times today already. (It's seven pm now, so he'll probably eat twice more before going to bed.) Now, he only ever eats for fifteen minutes at the MOST, and usually he nurses for seven to eight minutes exactly. I can't get him to go longer than that; he is just DONE, and when he's done he's done. The only time he'll nurse a full fifteen minutes is if, say, he fell asleep on a car ride right before he usually would have been hungry again, and then stayed asleep an extra long time, so that it's been four or five hours since he's last eaten. Then he'll nurse well, and actually stay on task and not yank his head on and off a bazillion times trying to simultaneously eat AND watch the world go by.

So, uh, any suggestions on ways to get him to eat less often/longer at a time? And not be so hungry at night? Because, you know, good grief. And also, Nephew Smith is sleeping through the night reliably, and that is just not fair. I need the sleep more! I have three kids! I call BS!


d e v a n said...

I got nothing on the sleep stuff. I sort of threw my hands up on that front and accepted what came.

The Easter candy is KILLING me. I need it to disappear. (sorry other than down my throat would be great.)

Marie Green said...

I know some breastfeeding people might suggest feeding him slight less often during the day, so that when he does eat he's HUNGRY. But I guess that depends... is he always HUNGRY when you feed him already? Or does he get a little fussy and you put him to breast? I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with automatically putting a fussy baby to breast... (it's, ah, my Major (read: only) Mode of Operation with an infant. But if it's causing him to "snack" all the time and never really buckle down and EAT, well... I don't know. Like I said, I guess it depends on how hungry you feel he is at each of those daytime feedings. Could you hold him off awhile with other distractions?

Man, I'm so not looking forward to infant sleep (see also: being at the mercy of)...

Tess said...

I beg your pardon, this is NOT boring.

And I'm the same with the afternoon snacky, except my time is right when I get home from work. My body is all, "WELP, time for a glass of wine and a snack!"


Fran said...

I won't be much help on the nursing front. All three if mine were not good at latching on so I pumped and bottle-breasted them. I always knew how much they were getting. Then again my 3 1/2 year old still wakes up once almost every night. So sleep advice, I shall not give!
SNACK ATTACK! Does the coffee have to be hot? I make a homemade mocha syrup ( recipe ) that I mix with milk for a quuick but small caffeine fix. That an a handful of something like Annie's Homegrown grahams (130 calories per 30 cookies) might do the trick for you.
Let us know how it goes. You can inspire me with your story!!

Kelsey said...

I want to snack the most while I'm making dinner - makes me crazy because I'm right there in the kitchen surrounded by food and if I do snack/taste while I cook I'm not hungry for much dinner but then I am hungry for more snacks come about 8:30 p.m.

I think writing down what I eat would be good for me, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet...

Good luck w/ the nursing sleeping - and I don't mean that in a sarcastic manner. I wish I had any advice but, alas, I don't.