Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From The Quarantined

Welp, now Jim and I are sick too. No fevers, but we have coughs, congestion, body aches, the whole bag, as do the kids. Literally the day their temperatures started running normal again the sneezing and hysterics of "noses not working" began, so now they've pretty much been sick a solid week. Neither of them are eating well, and I'm so hot I never feel like eating, either, until I'm so hungry my blood sugar is plummeting. So not a lot of cooking is going on around here, is what I'm saying. That's kinda nice, I guess. Not nice: I'm not really a big cereal eater, but it turns out when you don't cook there's not much else to eat.

The kids are getting downright irate about still not feeling well. Addy, especially, keeps yelling at me that she doesn't NEED any medicine because she absolutely IS NOT sick anymore- this after having spent all night keeping me awake with her comings and goings to our bed, alternately moaning and SHOUTING about her stuffy nose and thrashing around in general misery. Eli is responding to his discomfort by being incredibly clinging, and, naturally, completely regressing in toilet training. We've missed several playdates and even a possible trip to the cottage, too, so there's definitely a feeling of sulk going around, adults included. Also: BOREDOM OMG.

I'd love to at least be doing nesting projects for baby, but since it's so hot and I'm trying hard to continue with my taking it easy mantra, not much heavy stuff is going on yet. Jim moved a dresser for me, and my mom kindly took literally twelve boxes of outgrown girl clothes to be stored in her basement, thus allowing me a little more freedom to rearrange toys and stuff (since the baby's nursery has been used the last year or so as a playroom/storage closet.) So it's mostly just a lot of pesky organizing of toys and clothes, really, but that's never my favorite part. I'm more of a scrubber and window washer and picture hanger type.

For me, though, the most worrisome thing still undone is the issue of the baby's NAME. The rest of the stuff, even if I find it mentally irritating, could all technically be done after the baby arrived and it wouldn't really hurt anything. Not like he'll be using the nursery for several months anyways. But the name! He has to have a name before we leave the hospital! And our list so far consists of pathetically few names, none of which I'm really in love with:


I like them all, but I have my issues with them. Wesley is just not wowing me, as much as I like it and like the nickname Wes. Josiah I love, but I don't like the nicknames Jo or Josey for a boy- there's a girl at church named Josey already who's friends with Addy and it just seems like it'd be a little confusing. And Ronin is cool and unusual and all, but there are NO nicknames, likable or otherwise, and one of my caveats of naming has always been that there be a nickname option. So yeah... I know you can't help me clean out my closets to make room to store the dress up clothes bin, but you can tell me your favorite boy names, right?


Mimi said...

I always said that if I had another boy I would name him Shepherd. Good associations from both Grey's Anatomy and Lost. And I think Shep would be a cool nickname.
For the record, I really like Ronin.

LoriD said...


Sara said...

My cousins named their son Ronin, and there are plenty of nick names he is called by family. Roan-ie is a big one. And Ronin is such a cute little boys name but translates well to adult.

Hillary said...

Well, I am a fan of Wes, which is The Lad's name, though he's just Wes, not Wesley.
We always loved the name Gram, but it sounds ridiculous with our last name. I love the nickname Cal, and nearly used it for Wes. I'm not a huge fan of Calvin, but I do love that nickname.

kelli said...

Well, to go with Adelay and Elias, I'm thinking you want something a little more original than the names that are coming to my mind. But I like Nathan/Nate and Benjamin/Ben a lot.

And there are plenty of handsome rogue types named Roan in romance novels. That would be a good nn for Ronin. :)

Jess said...

I can't help you. We are struggling with boy names ourselves. Girl names are so much easier!

Ooh! I have one that I love: Colin. Torsten hates it. He is stupid. But it's been vetoed nonetheless.

Michelle said...

Ooh. I agree with Mimi. I love Shepherd. I also love Jasper, Emmett, Everett, Simon and Oliver - all names my husband won't even discuss.

Shannon said...

Names are tough. We went with a good family name, Robert. My neighbor is about to have a baby and her boy name is Henry, which I absolutely love. A couple of recent boys that I know were named Logan, Dylan, and Wyatt.

Swistle said...

Oliver Frederick and Simon Perry are my current favorites---but both are the kind that would be on my list with, like, three others, and I wouldn't have any idea which one to choose.

I love the nickname Wes but don't like any of the long forms.

I like Isaac for you guys. Nicknames Ike or Zac.

Sarah said...

Swistle: I love Isaac too! But Jim thinks it's a little dangerous to go with another name that starts with a vowel, especially I: after three vwoel names it will start to seem like we're doing it on purpose, and the next kid, if there is one, will have to have a name that starts with O and so on!

Pigeon said...

I got nothing....we have three times now come up with a girl's name in 10 seconds flat, but argued for 9 months over boys names (Jackson and Henry). We decided for our third not to find out the gender, so I reluctantly agreed that if it was a boy, it would be James. But I much preferred Nicholas (vetoed by my husband). Luckily she came out as a Tess. I had a c/s, and told my husband he was lucky she was a girl...because if it had a been a boy I would have exercised veto power and named him Nicholas.

If I had another boy I think his name would be Camden.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I love love love the name Isaac... and to be honest, I would have NEVER thought about the vowel association. (And I was thinking of the three names together...)

Ronin is an awesome name! What about Ro as a nickname? (Assuming it's pronounced "Row-nin", right?)

I like Shepherd, too. And let's see... Liam. Finn... and Dashell. (My hubs wouldn't touch ANY of them. So we eneded up with a Sayer. Like that's a normal name).

Fran said...

What about Weston with nn Wes? Ronin has a strong comic book association with me but I am kind of an oddball!! Still I like the name. There's also a really good Robert DeNiro movie called Ronin...

Michelle said...

Phineas. He'd totally be called "Finn" and he'll be the one who brings the keg to the party. Think of the networking opportunities - everyone loves the guy with the keg!

Jules said...

Boy names are tough.
We liked Kellan and officially called off the search.

Personally I think Ronin is uber cool. Unusual and strong and not something kids can torture him over in elementary school.

I did see the name Kai (sounds like hi) and thought it was off the cuff different.

d e v a n said...

I really like the suggestion Weston, with the nn Wes. Very nice!
Others I like:

I swear I had more, but maybe we used them all up. Hmm. ??

Erin said...

Oooo! I am so in love with Josiah! Now I can't remember my own favorite boy names.

And Joe is a good enough nickname for Josiah. Or you could go with no nickname.

What about Seth? I also really like the name Shane, but it rhymes with our own last name so we couldn't use it.

Sorry you guys are still suffering from The Sick. We have the same stuff over here, I think. Emmett ran the 105 fever this weekend, which was not exactly fun. You figure you get a free pass during summer, so it's especially disappointing to be sick in JULY.

Tess said...

I like Shepherd/Shepton! Shep is such a cool nickname.

But, I love Ronin as well!

Mommy Daisy said...

Josiah is one of my most favorite boys names, but it will never be used. Matt won't go for it. I've never figured out why, but he always shoots it down. What about Joe/Joey if you must have a nickname? I just think it's a great name by itself.

Misty said...

I like Ronin as well. I think we would call him Ro'.

We kind of like Plain Jane names at our house. Here was our list:


Fiona Picklebottom said...

Based on the names you mention (well, really the 2nd and 3rd), Jonah might work. It sort of combines the sounds of Josiah and Ronin, with the 'j' long-'o' and 'n'.

CAQuincy said...

I love Isaac, and no, I wouldn't have placed the vowel coincidence either, it you hadn't mentioned it.

I used to like the names Jacob and Edward until a certain pop=culture phemononom ruined them for me.

If Izzy had been a boy, she would probably have been an Ian. Not nicknameable, but it's still a name I love. (Only 1/3 of our children have a nn kind of name.)

MelissaInk Designs said...

What do you think of Weston over Wesley? You can still do Wes as the nickname.

Josiah is sort of a mouthful and would probably get shorted to Jo(e) by others. I like the suggestion of Jonah ... but then you still get Jo(e) for short. Argh.

Vincent (Vince, Vinny)
Vance (Van)
Coleman (Cole)
Cameron (Cam)
Rowan (Row)
Ashton (Ash)
Asher (Ash)

That's all I got right now :)

Erin said...

Ooh, chiming in late but had to after seeing someone suggesting Cal but not liking the name Calvin. I have friends whose son's name is Callum (which I LOVE) and everyone calls him Cal (which I really LOVE) if only I'd thought of it first! Passing it along to you though since I can't use it! Maybe you'll love it! ;)

Kelsey said...

I love the suggestion of Shepherd w/ Shep as a nickname!

I also really like Christopher/Chris. I think when you say your kids' formal names Christopher sounds nice with them.

Marie Green said...

Man, I'm a little behind on reading this (I hope you are all much better now!) but had to comment about the names.

We have good friends with a son named Josiah. He goes by 'Siah quite a bit and I love it.

Marie Green said...

Oh, I LOVE the name Jonah. We ALSO know a Jonah, and he doesn't use a nickname, and he doesn't need one, I don't think. Jonah is really easy to say. Now I'm voting Jonah!