Friday, July 09, 2010


The good: It finally rained. Like, poured down rain, all night on and off. The air no longer feels like a Death Cloud.

The bad: The rain apparently was violent enough to drill a hole in our roof, as I discovered a leak coming down the wall of our linen closet (ALL OVER THE LINENS) at about eleven last night.

The good: I happened to be rooting around in there to find a clean pillow for Eli because he had completely soaked his through with sweat when his fever broke after going to bed. He woke up crying incoherently that he was all wet, and I at first thought he meant his pull-up, until I realized he was literally laying in a puddle of sweat. Yikes. But anyways, I had just washed all of our sheets a few days ago, so it was unlikely I would even have opened that closet door for another week if I hadn't needed to get clean bedding for him in the middle of the night like that.

The bad: The fevers are still with us, though at least they're being controlled with Tylenol. They just spike back up every four hours, the highest recorded temp being 103. I always get a little freaked out by fevers. Kids act so WEIRD sometimes when they're feverish! It feels wrong not to be rushing them to the hospital to make sure they don't slip into a delirious coma.

The good: I'm still not sick, despite having sweaty sick kids crawling all over me and sleeping in my bed.

The bad: Adelay threw up grape juice all over the couch and the throw pillow this morning.

The good: At least it wasn't the white couch.


Jess said...

Sorry about the sick kids and the leak. I'm impressed at how well you are keeping your perspective in the middle of the mess.

Mimi said...

Oh, so she puked on the purple couch, then? You poor dears. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Fran said...

All 3 of our kids have recently had a mystery fever sickness. The oldest had it for 5 days, middle had it for 2 and youngest had it for 3. The doctor tested for strep (negative) then told us to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every three hours (6 hours between doses of the same med) until the fever was gone. Keeps those scary spikes away. Hope everyone feels better soon and that you continue to NOT catch it!!

Hillary said...

Ugh. We're dealing with fever right now, too. I KNOW it's just because of his vaccines. I KNOW it's not high enough to worry about.

But I still worry.

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Tracy said...

Olivia just had the weird fever virus, too. Isaac has one now, but its from his shots. It sticks. :(

d e v a n said...

ugh ugh ugh. I hope they feel magically better SOOOON. Most of all, I hope you don't get it.