Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Not Even Going To Try To Title This. Or Spell Check It, Apparently.

Arrg. Am I ever going to feel like writing again? (Answer: yes, as soon as the baby comes and I have 1) lots of adorable newborn pictures, 2) blow-by-blow Epic Five Page Birth Story, 3) some level of postpartum depression, 4) lots of panic/sleep deprivation/funny stories about how overwhelmed I am and how trashed our house is and how I haven't showered in two days.)

So until then, when things are relatively fine and I feel relatively fine and everything is calm and bright and all that jazz, I just don't seem to have much to say. Or it could be that this pregnancy has rendered me, while generally happy, utterly brain dead. Example:

Jim, last night while catching up on 24 episodes together: You know, we haven't played a game together in about four months.

Me, sprawled on couch, staring at TV: Yeah, I'm just always so tired and kind of mentally out of it by the time the kids are in bed.

Jim: Actually, that's why I brought it up. You had a REALLY brain dead look on your face just now. Like you were awake but really asleep.

I have been sick with stupid sinus/cough stuff again, though, so there's that excuse. Over a week now, and still not all the way gone. Also, there's some family stuff going on taking up most of my precious, carefully rationed mental energy, so for all I know I could be writing incomprehensible gibberish right now that just SOUNDS okay to me because I am operating on the level of a fifth grader writer right now. I am sorry, guys. I am very sorry. And my marriage blog! How it languishes! And I haven't even started the baby blog I was planning on! And worst of all, I've only written in my pregnancy journal ONCE! I am so lame.

But I'm also almost twenty weeks pregnant! I am getting super excited for that ultrasound next Tuesday. You're going to have to talk me off a serious ledge if for some reason they're unable to tell us the sex of this baby.

Oh, also, quick question before I go: do you guys think it would be totally stupid to switch practicioners this late in the game? Because I just found out there's a new OB practice in a neighboring town just about twenty minutes from our house, and they have two MIDWIVES! Which is what I've wanted ever since Eli's birth, but our town now has a grand total of zero so I thought I was SOL and just chose the OB practice that was all female. Is it worth at least talking to the midwives to see if their pregnancy/birth philosophies are really that much different and more in line with mine? Or is it just going to confuse everything way too much? I've already started paying on my overall OB bill for the delivery and everything, so that part would be a total mess, plus everyone at that office knows my medical history and everything, and they're really nice, even if they are prescription happy. Help!


Jess said...

20 weeks is NOT too late. Call them! Ask them questions! Have you read Ricki Lake's book, Your Best Birth? It's supposed to be amazing. Definitely do what you want/need to find the best care for yourself now and during the birth. There is nothing wrong with investigating your options. So do it! And report bcak!

Marie Green said...

I don't think it's too late at all. It'd be worth looking into, since it's something you've always wanted. Also, your medical history seems complicated to YOU, because you lived it, but your records have everything all neat-like and organized and I'm confident that a different provider could get up to speed in a snap.

We only get to give birth a finite amount of times... so go for it: get the birth you want!

Giselle said...

Switch. If it looks like a good switch, that is. I switched at 22 weeks with my first son, (because the doctor did some crazy malpractice-worthy stuff with a friend of mine...and I wasn't even surprised to hear he'd done it...big wake up call). Anyhoo, I had to switch hospitals, offices, etc etc. It was fine. There was a bit of a snaffoo in transferring paperwork, but I never regretted making the move!

Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to hear if you have a boy or girl-type baby in there! Maybe you'll be like Marie and have a spare hiding in there somewhere. ;)

Hillary said...

20 weeks! How did you get so far along?!
Still, I don't think it's too late to talk to the midwives. Glad you're feeling good ... and at least you can blame pregnancy for that brain dead feeling. I miss making the belly a scapegoat. : )

Tracy said...

I'm more brain dead with a 5 mth old than I was when I was pregnant. Go figure. I think its the lack of sleep.

20 weeks is NOT too late! Switch!

Jenn said...

At least call and talk to them! 20 wks is not too late at all - I switched from a typical OB practice at 20 wks to a small Midwife practice- BEST thing I ever did. Seriously. As long as you like and trust the CNM practice, do it!

d e v a n said...

It can't hurt to just talk to them and see how it goes.
U/S!!!!! CAN'T WAIT.

Michelle said...

I switched at 32w - call them and make an appointment.

Lisa said...

I switched at 32 weeks with my second...and I know a woman who got very angry at her OB when she was in early labor...and walked out the door, called another OB and switched about an hour before actually having her baby. As long as baby is inside its never too late :-)

Lise said...

I switched at 8 months with my second baby, and at 7 months with my third. It's important that you feel really comfortable with the person who'll help determine your birth experience.

Anonymous said...

If you feel like switching, do it! I wish I had!