Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Wow, it's been a few days... That's what happens when you have ten loads of laundry to catch up on. TRUE EFFING STORY. And half of them were covered in sand. And then I ran out of dryer sheets halfway through. And then I swept up huge piles of sand. Repeatedly. And that was pretty much where I've been! In the laundry room.

Man, I'm loving summer, though, sandy laundry and all. I love how everything seems more fun. I love how you can just throw on sandals and go, no coats-hats-mittens routine slowly killing your desire to do anything but huddle around the TV together in quiet apathy. I love evenings spent sitting out on the deck or porch, talking and watching varying ages of kids run by in a blur of sweaty hair and Popsicle drips. I love weekend trips, and I love coming home from those trips knowing that soon enough there will be another. I love driving in the evening and watching the horizon slowly melting into tangerine and hot pink. I love that I seem to miraculously be getting a tan this year. I love that everyone wears less makeup, less perfume, less everything. I LOVE watermelon.

(Do not love: sweaty hair, sweaty backs, working out and then emerging from the gym, already sweaty, into a swamp of humidity outside. Do not love: applying sunscreen, reapplying sunscreen, the smell of bug spray, bugs period, mowing the lawn, listening to the dog pant pant pant all day long while ignoring his water dish like an idiot.)

Know what else I love? This summer, Jim's family and we are eating dinner together three times a week. Mondays I cook, Tuesdays his sister cooks, Thursdays his mom does. Then the kids run wild outside together until it's time to go home for bed, which is so awesome I can barely stand it. I get so excited on those nights, thinking, "Oh my gosh, after dinner the kids are COMPLETELY OCCUPIED. I can just sit here and talk to grown ups and they can go swing with the big kids and be free from nagging adults and OMG IT COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT."

What are you loving about summer?


Bird said...

My MIL is off for the summer and if for any reason I need a nap--she comes over and watches Charlie. How great is that?????

Hillary said...

Lucky woman. That sounds lovely.

In Florida, the winters are like that for me. The summers here are so unbearably hot, we just want to sit in the AC. I'm already itching for the weather that allows open windows.

Mommy Daisy said...

Sounds like a great summer for you so far.

I love cooking out on the grill, picking fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden, running through the sprinkler with my 3 year old, pushing my son on the swing set, throwing a ball back and forth with him, hanging towels outside to dry in the summer sun, a slight tan (though it's more of a farmer's tan right now) that I still get with use of tons of sunscreen, and sitting on our swing on the patio in the evenings.

Sage said...

Summer means no matter where I am going I will NOT be driving in snow.... I love that

bat7mess said...

Can I get in on that dinner rotation? I'll do Wednesdays :)

Anonymous said...

You have a sweet deal going on. Woo!

I love grilling outside (easy), fresh fruit, corn on the cob and BLTs. Gee - obsessed with food much? I swear summer makes food taste better esp if eaten outdoors.