Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Getting There Is Half The Fun

Highlights from yesterday's road trip to the zoo:

-woman in front of us on the highway steering car with her elbow while applying eyeliner, curling her eyelashes, doing all sorts of things with powder and brushes, and styling her hair. Now, I've certainly done the swipe of lip gloss and/or mascara at the stop light routine a time or two, but I have never seen this level of inattention to one's driving. At seventy miles per hour. I have to say though, despite watching her in fascination/horror for almost half an hour, she never did swerve too dangerously. I've certainly seen worse drivers. So clearly, she's had some practice at applying a full face of makeup during her commute. Scary, or impressive?

-Eli, tearfully, after I hushed him from talking to me until after I got off the phone: "You hurt my feelings, Mommy! You hurt my heart!"

-Addy, after pulling over to use a rest area bathroom (a whopping half an hour after using the McDonalds bathroom): "Oh my, this soap smells heavenly! Like cherries! I can't stop smelling it!"


Nik-Nak said...

Gah, I LOVE random good smelling soap! My elementary school used to have pink, cherry smelling soap and I adored it!

Make-up applying lady? Definitely impressive. I can't even plug in my Ipod without making sure I never break concentration.

I once watched a twentiesish girl read a book while driving down the four-lane at 55 mph. Totally amazed me, but I got out of her immediate zone quickly.

B said...

"You hurt my heart!" Did that not hurt YOUR heart?!?

Michelle said...

How could you hurt that poor little boy's heart? That is tragic. And funny.

That's what we call being a drama llama in our house.

Kelsey said...

I hope the zoo was worth the trip! I wonder if you went south or east???

Katy said...

I had a friend whose mom actually curled her hair in the car every morning on the way to school. I'm pretty sure she was doing other make up type things as well. That always blew my mind.

Marie Green said...

Make-up lady? Scary. Like texting, it's probably just as bad or WORSE than drunk driving!