Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ending on a Positive Note: FAIL

The good: We got a lot of yard work done today, all of us outside working on various projects and playing in the dirt. I am sort of a task oriented person (more so now that I have kids; I think I just really need the feedback of seeing things getting accomplished) so watching projects being tended to always puts me in a good mood. And lest you think the kids were neglected, I also had a princess tea party on the newly swept and tidied deck with Addy, and had her help me plant and pot a bunch of flowers. Eli "helped" Jim a lot too. When we were going inside around dinnertime, Addy told me it was the best day ever. Coming from a kid who had been crying over a canceled playdate just hours earlier, that's pretty good.

The bad: We have a leak in our roof, coming down in our linen closet. It's also causing mold on an interior wall of our bedroom.

The good: At least we finally discovered what was going on with the mold situation.

The bad: The roof has to be torn up and fixed along an edge, and it can't happen until it's going to be dry for a few days. Which is literally not due to happen around here for about another two weeks. We have storms in our forecast EVERY. BLOODY. DAY. for the next ten days. This is without question the most sucktastic spring I can ever remember. It also means we can hardly ever mow, and our yard looks terrible in the back and is unusable for playing, and I feel sulky every time I look at it from my kitchen window. I realize these things are small scale, but they do contribute to an overall sense of grump which I have to fight off, or I end up snapping at the kids, who are also going out of their minds from boredom thanks to the two months solid of rain.

The good: At least the forecast of rain gives me a good excuse to skip the nightmare end-of-preschool picnic on Wednesday. And lest you think I'm a spoilsport for calling it a nightmare, let me explain that I spent last Sunday afternoon jammed into an auditorium with literally about ten relatives for every kid in Addy's school, which is also a daycare, and boasts quite a few students. Like, at least a hundred. And there were not enough seats, not even close (it's so comforting when your child's TEACHERS clearly cannot count and sell tickets without considering whether there's even room for each ticket holder to have a seat) and it was a hundred degrees and filled with restless angry people who despite paying money be there to support their kid, would now have to stand to watch other people's kids sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" for forty five minutes until their own child's class had a turn. All this crowding and standing-room-only sitch created a serious fire hazard, as well, and the parking situation was a nightmare. People were grumbling and shifting nervously and sweating, and basically everything about it except the lack of water felt like being aboard the doomed Titanic as the passengers realize there's not nearly enough lifeboats and it's every man for himself.


Nowheymama said...

We planted yesterday, too! And *our* roof is leaking into the linen closet and can't be fixed until things dry up! And *we* skipped the preschool picnic! Twinsies!

Anonymous said...

Rain rain, freaking rain. ARGH! Worst spring EVER!!!!

It's our chimney that's leaking, not the roof. Grrrr!

Nik-Nak said...

Okay, nothing is leaking around our place yet *knocks on wood* but we, too, have had an unusual amount of storms and the muddy yard, too much time spent inside, and everything that needs to be done outside but we can't get too is starting to wear on me as well.

Chins up! It can only get better form here, right? Right!

Sarah said...

Nowheymama: Hey! Freaky! So did you discover your leak was acting up again by opening the door to the smell of wet mildewy sheets slapping you in the face? 'Cause then we're REALLY twinsies.

d e v a n said...

Urgh. That performance sounds nightmarish.
Spring used to be my favorite. This spring has ruined it for me. I'll stick with fall and it's far fewer tornadoes, thanks.

Kelsey said...

Ugh- I'm with you on the worst spring ever. As I wait up another night to make sure we aren't swept away by a tornado while we sleep...

I'm actually hoping our school carnival gets canceled tomorrow night because I've just sort of had enough. (But canceled due to only mildly unpleasant weather, not due to more of tonight's nonsense.)