Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Two

A favorite movie is a tricky thing to choose, MAYBE even trickier than the favorite song question. (Let's not even talk about favorite book. I think it's becoming clear that I am not a person given to choosing favorites.)

So anyways, let's just say I love many, many movies, but I'm going to cite my FIRST favorite movie, First Knight. The one I watched every single day for a month the year I was fourteen. The one in which I first discovered the concept of having a crush on an actor based purely on perceived sex appeal. (And now I have died at my keyboard of profound humiliation. Oh Richard Gere... I'm still waiting for you.)


Tracy said...

that is great! I can totally imagine you pretend kissing your pillow. lol. (just teasing.)

Devan said...

If I admit that I've never seen it, will you still like me? hehe

Sarah said...

D- I will, but you must promise to watch it sometime. If only for laughs.