Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comparing Notes

Theoretically speaking, is it so wrong to wash kids' sheets only every two weeks in the winter, since their entire bodies are covered in socks and pj's and they're not really sweating much?

Also, should I be disturbed that every time I've baked Christmas cookies so far, they've only lasted about three days?

And here's a rhetorical one: Is it totally awesome that I looked up how much caffeine is safe while breastfeeding and it turned out to be a much more generous amount than I used to think?


Kelsey said...

I have no schedule for sheet washing - it usually happens when someone wets the bed, is sick, or I just get around to it... certainly it doesn't happy every week.

Depends on the type of cookies :-).

Sounds like good news!

LoriD said...

I think your sheet-washing schedule can be sold as 'environmentally-friendly'.

It's too early to make Christmas cookies that you expect to last until Christmas. Consider this a trial run.

So awesome!

Marie Green said...

Dude, I almost never wash the kids' sheets. I KNOW that sounds nasty, but... well, something's gotta give, right? Like Kelsey, they get washed when someone spills on them, pees on them, or gets sick on them. Or if we're changing seasons (cotton for summer; flannel for winter). I bet we average every 2 months. MAN.

(HOWEVER, I wash MY sheets about every 7-10 days. And I wash the kids' pillow cases more often then their sheets.)

Finally, I think caffeine saved my LIFE when I was nursing. There were just some days when I was glad I didn't know how much was "allowed".

MelissaInk Designs said...

Ditto on the sheet washing. Honestly, my mother will argue, but I'm positive she did the same exact thing.

Cookies are a food group this time of year. No worries.


jen(melty) said...

I remember when I was a kid and I'd try to wash my sheets and my mom would sigh and roll her eyes and get MAD AT ME.. even if I was the one doing the washing. So yeah. I don't remember the last time I changed L's sheets, and then she got a new bed, and I havent' changed the sheets and I doubt I will anytime soon due to bunk beds.

Swistle said...

Caffeine: I KNOW. It was the same for me with wine, too.

I have no sheet-washing schedule. DEFINITELY more than 2 weeks if nothing happens to them--and even more with top-bunk sheets, which, GAH. I think of this as The Environmentally-Correct Choice. (And I say it like it's funny, but I also genuinely mean it.)

Tracy said...

I don't wash the kids' sheets unless someone pees or something simlar. Certainly not every week. My kids take baths at night, so they are squeeky clean when they get into bed. :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Yay for cookies & caffeine!

Every two weeks for sheets? Eeps, I'm lucky to do them once a month...unless they otherwise need it.

d e v a n said...

I don't even have a schedule. I'll just think, "Hmm, it's been a LONG while and/or those sheets look grungy. Guess I should change them."
haha - I'm not OCD about cleanliness, apparently.

We have a bunk bed in one room too, and it is a pain in the butt to change. It's the one thing I hate about it.

Michelle said...

How much caffeine because I'm about to enter that territory.

And the sheets. That sounds perfectly fine with me.