Friday, April 09, 2010


-Here's how much I hate shopping for clothes: my sister was at Target the other day, found a maternity bathing suit she THOUGHT I would like and that she THOUGHT would fit me, and I let her get it rather than go to the mall and find one myself. I have to take Addy to swim class next Saturday, so if it doesn't work out I'll have a week to find one on my own, I guess. I sure hope it does work. On the positive side, bathing suit shopping when pregnant is at least not as depressing as shopping for one normally.

-I do have one already, technically, but it is so worn and stretched out from two other summer pregnancies that I'm pretty sure it would fall right off of me if I tried it on now. In fact, it DID fall off of me- well, or rather, I fell out of IT- on two separate occasions when I was pregnant with Addy. Yeah. And the first time I didn't even notice until, no kidding, another woman in my prenatal water aerobics class pointed at my chestal region and was all, "Your, um... is out."

-I just ate half a jar of salsa and an undisclosed amount of tortilla chips for lunch. I'm pretty sure Heidi Merkoff wouldn't approve, but oh well.

-Is it weird to be feeling Braxton Hicks already? I mean, they don't hurt in any way; they're just classic Braxton Hicks. My belly just gets tight and squeezes for a second, then it's gone. Cause for concern, or normal with a third baby?

-Also crazy: I'm pretty sure I've been feeling the baby move the last few days. I mean, it seems a LEETLE too early for that, but it's right in the middle of my lower belly, and it feels like these little springy jumps. It's not at all like gas bubbles or food digesting or those other things that sometimes get mistaken for baby movements. Of course, I haven't felt it yet TODAY, and now I'm worrying that it means something bad! Gah. It'd probably be better for my mental health to wait until twenty weeks and then suddenly start feeling kicks all day long, I think!

-I made a delicious lasagna last night and neither of my kids would touch it. What the heck, children. Your rejection stings. Also, you are kind of dumb. Lasagna is heavenly.

-The other day Adelay told me, as soon as she woke up, "Today I think I will be the boss. You can be the kid."

-My kids are pretty much using the den furniture as their personal jungle gym right now. I totally used to judge people who let their kids climb all over the furniture. Now, on days like today when it's teasingly sunny out but freezing and still wet from last night's rain, I understand. The kids are getting spring fever, and if they can't get their exercise SOME way, they are going to spontaneously combust.

-And one more thing. Yo Gabba Gabba edges me closer to suicidal feelings than just about anything else that has ever happened to me. Why kids, WHY, do you like this show? I swear it's filled with subliminal messages of evil. Besides being the STUPIDEST WEIRDEST show ever.


Anonymous said...

If A gets to be the boss and you get to be the kid, does that mean you get to throw tantrums, take naps and she'll make your food for you? If so, take the deal!!

Hillary said...

I felt The Lad move really, really early -- and then promptly spent the next few weeks, until he started moving fiercely and regularly, worrying about only feeling him sporadically. Mothering is worrying.

Also, totally unrelated, but I LOVE the baby socks you sent in the pre-Lad package I won. They stay on! They look cute! You are wonderful!

Fran said...

Maternity bathing suits are awesome!!
Salsa is considered a vegetable by schools here in Texas so I think you are okay.
Third baby stuff is always sooner in part because you know what to look for.
Lasagna = heaven covered with cheese
The name alone was enough to keep me from ever tuning in to Yo Gabba Gabba!!
I love this post, can you tell?

Mimi said...

My kids are totally dumb about delicious food that they won't even try. WTH, kids? WTH.

Jess said...

Oh, fun early kicks! Maybe you could try to make this less stressful by thinking of kicks at this point as RARE and BONUS-Y, instead of a regular, expected event? That way if they happen it's lovely and if not the baby is just kicking too faintly for you to feel at that moment. Maybe?

Marie Green said...

Uggg with the kids/food. My kids are very picky, and it's been a thorn in my side for years.

d e v a n said...

Braxton Hicks = totally normal. I got them really early too.

Kicks = they probably are. I felt those early too, but very inconsistently until closer to 20 weeks.

Lasagna = yum. MORE FOR YOU!

Chelle said...

It's been a loooong time ago (dinosaurs roamed the earth) but; I seem to recall feeling the Man-Cub move a lot earlier than I felt The Teenager.

And, although I have no experience, I'm guessing Yo Gabba Gabba=Teletubbies for the new millenium.

I am also guessing that neither of those shows was as annoying as Barney who was, coincidentally a dinosaur.

Katy said...

I find it funny that you're on your second maternity swim suit and I have never owned one. I don't know why that's funny, but it is.

"your um is out?" Great line.

When we got pregnant I told my husband, "we should just get used to not having nice stuff for a while."

Michelle said...

Yo Gabba Gabba freaks me out as well. Completely and totally.