Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dirty Secrets

Posts to come soon: pictures from Le Pretend Castle With Fully Authentic Heated Bathroom Tiles AND exciting (hopefully) info from my doctor's appointment today. For now you get this: I almost never wash the bedroom floors.

Background: All our bedrooms have hardwood floors. They are in decent shape, but they are over fifty years old, and the finish is... worn, to say the least, and in some parts just plain gone. I know we should really refinish the floors, but dude, we are just not that ambitious in terms of household projects. We don't spend our weekends at Home Depot dreaming about faux finishes and grout and crown molding. So the idea of dragging every single piece of furniture out of all three bedrooms and filling our home with chemical smells and giant sanders is just about the LAST thing on my list of desired home improvements. For now, we have big area rugs covering the majority of the floors, anyways, so the parts that are less than great looking are hidden by either carpet or furniture.

I do sweep/dust mop the exposed wood in those rooms at least every other week, and sometimes more than that, but I tell you the truth when I say that other than the DAY WE MOVED INTO THE HOUSE, and the times after that when we have rearranged furniture, I have NEVER washed those floors except the occasional spot cleaning. Reasons are as follows:

1) As I said, the finish is very worn down, and most of the wood floor cleaners specifically say not to use it on unfinished wood because it will just dry it out and make it look worse.

2) There is so much STUFF I would have to move to do a thorough job.

3) I figure, how actually DIRTY could those floors get? Surely the bulk of the dirt from shoes/feet comes off on the living room and hallway caret on the way to the bedrooms, or on the rugs in the bedrooms. It's got to be pretty much just dust and stray crumbs that end up on the edges of the room, right?

4) I don't care. I don't know why, but I just don't. No one's licking those floors.

About most other things, I am kind of finicky. I definitely mop the kitchen and front hallway regularly. So why this weird indifference to dirty bedroom floors?

What about you? What area of your house continually gets neglected, and why? And does it even bother you, or have you decided you just don't care?


Jess said...

We mop our downstairs fairly often, but I'm not sure we've ever mopped upstairs where the bedrooms are. Interesting point.

Exciting doctor news? I am SO CURIOUS now.

Fran said...

*crossing fingers for exciting news*
I would say the most neglected room in the house is our bathroom. No one ever goes in there but us so unless we are having a big gathering it usuallygets skipped for the most part. I clean the toilet, but the sinks/cabinet is pretty crammed with various things that belong somewhere else. Second to last would be our bedroom; again, no one goes in there but us so why bother?

Marie Green said...

We have a couple of bedrooms that have hardwood floors and I don't think we've EVER mopped them, except for, as you said, right before we moved in. We vacuum them weekly(ish) when we clean though.

Other than that, our basement is completely neglected. There are cobwebs and thick layers of dust/dirt on the edges of the wooden stairs leading down there b/c we NEVER clean them. We've done it once our twice in the 4 1/2 years we've lived here.

Our office is also very neglected. Especially dusty.

Hillary said...

The tubs don't get cleaned nearly as often as they should, but I just don't care. I hate bathroom cleaning supplies, I hate scrubbing the tub and no one is in the tubs but us, so ....

Scottish Twins said...

This is hilarious - I was going to ask about refinishing wood floors yesterday and forgot. lol

Our bedroom and dining room are in terrible shape.

I neglect our basement and the laundry room/half bath the most. I can go months without cleaning them, because I rarely set foot in them (aside from doing laundry). When we moved in they were supposed to be Adam's job, but that never really happened.

Nowheymama said...

Exciting news?!

Our living room and dining room floors need to be refinished, but that just ain't happening right now. I love you, large area rugs.

Sarah said...

Sorry everyone- I meant exciting news from the saliva testing/hormone stuff. Like, just that there's nothing seriously amiss in that regard and that this doctor won't think I need a ton of treatment before we can even start trying again. No baby stuff yet.

d e v a n said...

The bedroom floors in our house are definitely the least cleaned too. Don't know why... I guess they just don't seem as dirty.

Mommy Daisy said...

Sarah, I think you'd be disgusted at the state of cleanliness (or lack thereof) in my house. I'm not saying we're total slobs, but most of the time I do the minimum to get by. I vacuum our bedroom floors maybe once a month. And the corners and under things...Ha! I don't even get to all of that once a month in our living room area.

Good doctor news is always great. :D

Katy said...

Our bedroom is a disaster--mostly because I know no one will ever go in there.

Interested to hear what the doctor said!

artemisia said...

I am glad there is some exciting news coming your way.

The guest bedroom. It is also the closet/room A. stores his hunting and fishing stuff, and I just freak out at the clutter of it all. I just close the door and pretend that room doesn't exit. And then freak the eff out when I find out I am going to have overnight guests.

Mama's a Whine(o) said...

Same as you, I rarely do anything but sweep the hardwood floors in all the bedrooms. I've maybe mopped them 3-4 times in the 3 years we've owned this house. Also our bathroom floors don't get mopped very often. It's weird, because I clean the bathrooms (toilets, sinks, tubs, glass) at least EVERY OTHER DAY, but the floor just never seems dirty. My kitchen floor, on the other hand, gets mopped AT LEAST once a DAY, and we don't even wear shoes in the house!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Our bedroom is always the very, very last room to be cleaned. By the time i get to it, it generally has about 3 weeks worth of clean laundry, various toys and other kid items, and every other piece of paraphernalia that migrated in there in the course of cleaning the other rooms.

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