Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Continental Breakfast of Blog Posts

I know it's bad form to publish a post of nothing but cutesy kid pictures when your blog is public; however, I figured maybe we could all use some lightness from my end of the internetz after all the "infertility specialist" this and "maybe taking even MORE drugs!" that. Boring, stressful, draining. But perhaps these photos will help you understand why I want yet more children badly enough to wade through it all. (Also, badly enough to wade through the ACTUAL HUMAN FECES thrown on the floor at three AM yesterday morning, when Eli finally discovered the removable magic of his diaper tabs.)

A proud showcasing of the Disney Princess dolls.

One of the few moments when they weren't trying to drown each other.

Why are his best smiles always covered in chocolate? Oh wait- answered my own question.

Sweet nothings? Or are they... forming an alliance against us?


Mimi said...

Of course you want more of those cuties!

Jess said...

I cannot believe how big Eli is! And I love Addy's hair that length.

kelli said...

They are just so cute.

And my daughter is jealous of those dolls- she already had five of them and got really mad that I wouldn't buy the set of seven at Target just to get the Mulan.

Scottish Twins said...


Anonymous said...

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