Thursday, December 01, 2011

I'm Still Alive Here

Well, I'll be eight weeks along tomorrow, and I officially feel like death most of the time. Which is Such a Good Sign! as my doctor always loves to say cheerily. Meh. I call bs on that one. I know plenty of people who had lovely healthy babies without ever barfing, you know? But I guess since I seem to be one of the lucky half of women who DOES feel sick from pregnancy hormones, for me perhaps it is in fact indicative of a healthy baby. At any rate, my progesterone is now a whopping twenty four, which is the highest it's ever been with any pregnancy, so it seems that my body is actually responding to the supplements! (In the past, it often wouldn't... I'd be taking tons and tons of it, and then my levels would only raise a point or two. It was so weird.)

I don't have another check up until January fourth, which seems so far away, but I know the holidays will make it rush by. That's the kind of nice thing about having my first trimester coincide precisely with the holidays. Makes normal festive things like cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping and general bustling around a bit daunting, but it will certainly make these draggy, sickish, still kind of iffy-feeling next four weeks go a bit faster, I imagine.

What seriously sucks, and without any silver lining, is that our roof is leaking again, into the same freaking closet, and the roofing company now says they're simply going to have to replace a section of the roof. Fun! But at the least the mold remediation company that came out for an inspection said there's nothing bad enough to be torn out, just bleached down, dried with fans and coated with an oil based Kilz. None of which I can do in my delicate condition, of course, so that's nice. The worst of it is that I am still short a closet- the closet I usually hide all the presents in! Not sure where everything's going to go once I actually get in gear and start shopping.

Oh, and? Just in case I didn't already feel like barfing? We have mice again. I didn't even play around this time. After two traps were... activated in one night (the night that it got really cold and snowed,) I called an exterminator to go crazy on the place, attic to crawlspace. Best of all, he's also responsible for coming back and emptying the creepy cages full of poison and glue pads that he placed around the "hot spots." SHUDDER. I know it's mean and I feel so bad about killing little creatures, but the idea of them in my house makes me NUTS, like seriously in need of anti anxiety meds to sleep nuts, especially now that Jamie spends his days all over the floors and putting everything into his mouth. The germs! The possible fleas and diseases and feces! THE CREEPY LITTLE RODENTS WITH THEIR CREEPY HAIRLESS TAILS!


Sage said...

Sarah - I know that the Lord loves all living things but if He wants mice to continue to live He needs to get them the heck out of my house. Congrats on the baby. Mega congrats on hiring the exterminator. :)

Jules said...

We have had a mouse issue. We thought we humanly took care of it. Then day after Turkey Day as I am finishing the last of the dishes I stepped on something.

WTH? Looked down and had stunned a mouse that crawled right UNDER my slipper.

After a fantastic rendition of Ballarina Barbie with some high octave notes - hubby laid some traps down.

If the mice aren't smart enough to stay away... Well, then they have another thing coming to 'em. Sometimes playing nice doesn't work ;)

BTW - Good news with your hormone levels!

bananafana said...

i just finally got into my reader after weeks of absence and my jaw hit the floor when i started reading your latest posts! Congratulations - i'll be keeping you in my prayers that you keep getting good news and you start feeling better.
on the mice - we brought home a bag of bedding from the pet store and apparently purchased some pet mice we didn't bargain for. I got those electric traps that swistle recommended (i think?) and OMG BEST THING EVER!!!! pricey but so worth it . . .

Nowheymama said...

Oh yes, we go for the kill here, too. Stay out of my house, you evil, evil mice.

And our roof leakage is soon going to require major work that we so cannot afford. Awesome.

So glad the baby is doing well!

Kalendi said...

I'm so glad to read that it is going well with the baby.

As for the mice EEK! I definitely don't like to play nice with mice. If they come in my house then it is war! We have one that we can't catch and I can hear him (or her) sometimes. Drives me nuts, and I definitely don't go looking!

d e v a n said...

Rodents and all general pests and I have an agreement. I let them live in peace outdoors but if they come in then they are fair game. Period. Ick.

Nik-Nak said...

Yup. Mice, they DIE. And I don't even want to hear the words 'humane' about it.

So happy for you and baby!

CAQuincy said...

Yay for baby! Boo for mice!