Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Look, Don't Touch

Ever since Eli moved into a toddler bed, he and Addy have shared a room. But... it was getting to be a little much, those two sharing a room. I probably don't even need to say more than that, but for anyone confused, I will add: kids at these ages are fascinated with body parts and also think there is nothing funnier in the universe than much discussion re: said body parts. When you have a boy and girl, these discussions can get a little weird after a certain point. Ahem. SOOOO, a month or so ago, we moved Addy into her own bedroom, formerly Jameson's nursery, and moved him (and his nursery furniture) into the bigger bedroom with Eli.

I had many elaborate plans for this impending move, including repainting the rooms, organizing the closets, and possibly even refinishing the wood floors. But, only the closet organizing part happened. Basically, Jameson began pulling up, we realized we needed to lower the crib mattress ASAP, and decided that as long as we were dragging the mattress out and fiddling with screws and generally engaging in an annoying activity, we might as well go ahead and just move the darn thing. I had thought originally that we should wait until Jamie wasn't getting up at night anymore, so as not to bother Eli, but then realized: a) that may never happen, and b) half the time Eli gets up at night too, so with all the coming and going in and out of my bedroom (heh, upon rereading that sounds kind of dirty,) what difference would it make? Also, Eli's become a pretty deep sleeper, so it's never once happened that Jamie's nighttime feedings have disturbed his older brother.

ANYways, after everything got situated and cleaned and looking all pretty, I decided to take pictures of the "new" rooms while they were still in all their pristine glory. Behold: (And also try to imagine away all the various cluttery baskets of toys and trash cans and jumbo diaper boxes and fans.)

I had fun taking pictures of the preternaturally clean bedrooms, so while I was at it I took some of our room, too, which I had also cleaned that day. Then I was all excited and thought, "I should do a whole series of Home Tour posts! Then at least I would have a webpage of images of our clean house I could look at to cheer me up when it's a wreck as usual!" And then I thought... maybe that's really lame. So.


Hillary said...

I love it when the kids' rooms are cleaned. It happens so rarely. I can remember being really pleased with the resulting clean room whenever my mom forced us to pick up the landfills in our rooms. I hated the work, but loved how tidy and pretty my room looked.

Marie Green said...

Both look really lovely for not technically having "redone" any of them! The boys' room looks like a boys' room and Addy's room looks like it was designed for a girl.

Also, my girls had that exact same quilt on their bed for YEARS. Love it!

Tracy said...

Love the rooms! (and, I totally hear you on taking the picture now before they get messed up. lol.)

Nik-Nak said...


I wanna see! Because I am nosey.

d e v a n said...

A Home Tour post sounds awesome to me!

CAQuincy said...

Love the rooms.

We took pictures of the rooms in the house when we first moved in and they were completely EMPTY. Then we were hoping to take after-decorating/updating pics. Since then we've only painted three of those rooms. And we're unhappy with the paint job in two rooms (the kids' rooms, of course--which have not been that clean since the day we moved the furniture in!), and we can't afford new furniture in the newly painted living room (SCARY, SCARY couches). So! Five years later and NO new pics!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

YES to a home tour! Love the photos. Makes me want to clean up my girls rooms if only to take a picture to remember what it all COULD look like.