Friday, October 08, 2010

Oh, You Wanted PICTURES, Did You?

In preface let me just say, this is a whole lotta pictures right here. This is kind of for family, too, this blog, so I figure occasionally I owe everybody a post without my rambling and WITH plenty of pictures.

Probably never saw a woman look so downright cheerful in labor, huh? This was after being sent from the doctor's office over to the hospital, at five centimeters with a bulging water bag, but still not regularly contracting. So it was kind of party time for a while yet.

Belly parade: me, 37 wks. and 3 days; my sister Laura, 24 weeks; and Jess, 17 wks.

My water is broken now. Much less enthusiastic smile.

My mom.

First family photo shoot... Addy was not in the mood. But there's always one, right?

Our doula, Stacy.

Jim's dad.


Sadly, the mohawk has gone down now.

My sister Rachel.

Jim's sister Jenn.

She seems to have forgiven him for stealing her thunder at the birthday party.


Swistle said...

*happy sigh*

Tess said...

OH! These are LOVELY! Yay, yay, YAY!!!

Tracy said...

so precious!!

Jess said...

Oh, there are NEVER too many photos! I mean seriously I got to the end and I kind of... wanted MORE! Such a beautiful baby and a beautiful family!

artemisia said...


So glad you are all home, safe and sound and celebrating birthdays!


Nowheymama said...

Wait wait wait--Jessica is pregnant?!! Yay!

And also, what wonderful photos!!

Anonymous said...

He's perfect and beautiful and now I'm a teary mess. Congratulations to you all.

Jana said...

Beautiful pictures. I think I heard my uterus sigh a little bit.

Fran said...

LOL @ Jana!! Great pics tha nks for letting us all in on your family post :)(

Marie Green said...

I happy-sighed just at the very moment that I read Swistle's comment.

He's darling. I could look at more MORE MORE of him.

d e v a n said...

Great pictures! Love the last one!

Mommy Daisy said...

Great photos! What a beautiful baby and an adorable family!