Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Expect Smooth Segues Today

For the last week or so I've enjoyed some kind of seasonal allergy crap which is giving me this nasty sinus drainage cough and I swear, some days I think I am going to COUGH this baby right out of me. Other than that, nothing new to report from the couch, really, other than the discoveries that so far, Mucinex and Claritin, taken individually and in conjunction, do just about nothing to help.

Baby was five pounds three ounces as of Tuesday... which is what Addy weighed when she was born. Sobering. This is a child that could be BORN soon. I still don't feel ready! I thought for sure I'd be eager to be done with pregnancy by now, but I find I am not, and am in fact downright terrified about coming off of bedrest next week, even though obviously I am overall WAY EXCITED about the prospect. But I just don't want to have the baby quite yet! Maybe I won't though. Maybe I'll just walk around four centimeters dilated and contracting constantly for weeks on end... Hmm, on the other hand, screw it. Let's get him out of there.

Adelay started preschool yesterday. I cheated JUST a tidge and actually took her to the open house myself on Wednesday- it's just five minutes away, and I sat the whole time, and we left after half an hour. It was very well behaved cheating. Her teachers seem nice (though they wore matching outfits, which seems like trying too hard to me, but whatevs) and the other seventeen kids seemed, you know, like normal five year olds. Friendly enough. Mutual interest in sliding and pretending to be mermaids, that kind of things. And Addy seemed not at all nervous or upset about the whole school thing. She sat quietly at the open house, observing, until the kids were freed to play outside together, when she promptly found a nice little friend to start gently bossing around the playground. So about par for the course, I'd say.

I did find that the liliputian dimensions of the classroom made me distinctly uncomfortable after about five minutes, however. All those tiny tables and chairs, and literally nothing designed for an adult in the whole room. I felt like a bumbling giant, especially with my enormous tummy floating in front of me; I was sure I was going to break the tiny chair. I don't think I'm cut out to be a preschool teacher, that's for sure. I felt very eager to escape the Cheerful! and Colorful! and Miniature! confines of the classroom and get out onto the playground, where there was, at least, a bench made for grown ups.

I keep meaning to get someone to scan ultrasound photos for the blog, or at least post some pictures. However, I can't find any of the recent downloaded photos on this computer. That's the problem with having three computers and an external hard drive. I know I downloaded all the recent pictures, but I can't seem to remember where. I promise I'll post a picture again one of these days.

In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for good music to put on a Labor/Delivery playlist? Assuming I happen to feel like listening to music, and am not too busy changing my mind about the soothing benefits of water and screaming for drugs, I figure I should probably have my ipod on hand.


Jess said...

I just recently hit the phase where it's like, yes, being pregnant is great but DAMMIT I WANT TO HAVE THE BABY. Not because I'm uncomfortable at all, because I'm not, at least not yet, but because eeeeee baby WANT TO MEET HIM NOW.

bananafana said...

OMG 1 WEEK!!!!
My labor playlist was all calming music so I had put on there say by john mayer. Of course, everytime he sang "say what you need to say", there were some choice things that popped into my mind to scream at the moment - such as "OMG I need to push where the F*%@ is my doctor? get him in here now!"

d e v a n said...

I don't know about music. Something soothing? Maybe classical? I watched "Say Yes to the Dress" when I was in labor with lila. heh

Tracy said...

Ha! Devan, I forgot about that. I watched Cake Boss. Lots of Cake Boss episodes, since I have marathon labors.

I have a CD called "baby oil". I put those songs onto my MP3 player, then forgot all about it when I was in labor. So much for that soothing music.

CAQuincy said...

We never brought music--it was just too many other things to remember/cram in the hospital bag (which became really simple going-home-clothes-for-baby-and-mommy by the third kid). I don't remember the TV being on for the first two, but I do remember watching a bit of Conan while in labor with #3. Most of the time I was in the jacuzzi trying to find my "happy place."

I always find Enya smoothing.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I'm kind of obsessed with Josh Garrels lately. Kinda weird, but the song "Sweet River Roll" rocks.

Then there's Wilco... and Iron and Wine for some calmer stuff... There's always Justin Timberlake for some good hoppin' stuff. Heh.

And dude, EVERY pregnant person I know has had some sort of ridiculous, want to claw your nose off sinus crap. Seriously. It's a little freaky. And a lot obnoxious. I'm tired of sneezing.

You... praying you don't get an ear infection from that crap... can you take sudafed?

Kelsey said...

When I was pregnant with Harper I did some subbing in a preschool and even after a half day my hips would ache like crazy from sitting on those tiny chairs - ridiculous! Kindergarten I think I could do but that is my lower limit on where I could teach and still be sane.

Hope school is going well for Addy!