Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Fact Friday!

Because I haven't stolen Tessie's idea in awhile:

-My sister made us a Cocoa Cola Marshmallow Cake the other day. It's very good, but also very weird, and I can only eat it a few bites at a time. So basically there's a pile of chocolate-ish goo sitting in the fridge with random dents dug out of it. It looks like a science project at this point.

-Addy is very into playing baby dolls right now, but dude, she keeps trying to get me to nurse her babies. Which mainly thrills me, because I'm so happy that she knows babies drink breast milk and that there's nothing weird or gross about breasts and RANT RANT RANT AMERICA HAS OVERSEXUALIZED THE BREAST AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET OVER IT ALREADY AND WHIP 'EM OUT IN THE NAME OF INFANT HEALTH etc. BUT. I feel a little weird whipping it out for a plastic doll staring at me with creepy, sightless marble eyes. I'm working on convincing Addy that it's perfectly acceptable to just PRETEND to nurse the baby and still keep my shirt on. So now she's taken to nursing it herself. Whatevs.

-I'm supposed to use an LH detector this month with the Clomid, which I've never done before because I can pretty much tell when I'm ovulating due to the DEEP DEEP STABBING PAIN that lasts for two days afterwards. But the doctor said the pain usually means your peak ovulation time is already passed, so... Whoops. Does anyone have any recommendations on a brand of LH kit? And perhaps an explanation for how exactly one uses an LH kit? Pregnancy tests I have MUCHO experience with, but this other kind of pee stick, not so much.

-Portable DVD players are the best invention ever. We now have TWO. But hey, we don't have cable, so it all evens out.

-Our vegetable garden is really taking off, despite little to no care or attention from us after initial planting. I gave it a good watering today and am a little AFRAID about how much growth might occur tonight.

-I went to a tiny little local grocery store today just for a change of pace, and Eli chose that particular hour to throw the hugest public fit I've ever witnessed. I had to tear into a box of fruit snacks which I wasn't even planning to buy AND carry him the entire time to get him to be even REASONABLY quiet. Yikes. I was totally expecting evil stares, but the older ladies who ran the store were SO nice and sympathetic. They kept suggesting every ailment or illness known to man that could be causing his misery, and reassuring me that, "He just doesn't understand why he doesn't feel good! Kids don't mean to be bad!" This was so nice to hear, compared to the usual nasty stares you get, or occasional comments about DISCIPLINE.

-I am such a disappointment as a mom to Adelay. She is currently losing it because of my colossal fail at making her a fort with pillows and blankets, and also at my pathetic attempt to make HAIR, for the love of pete, for her LEGO doll. I am batting a thousand today, lemme tell ya.

-Just discovered that some persistent and sharp-toothed varmint had a hayday in the garbage bags piled in our garage last night. Most especially with a sealed container of EXPIRED MEAT. There were rubber gloves and Lysol involved in the clean up, let's just say that. But I was tough about it, just got right in there picking up nectarine pits and broken jars and picked-clean meat bones and all, until I got to the MAGGOTS squirming beneath one of the bags. OMG. OMG. OMG. I was pretty much dry heaving after that. And now we'll be having pizza (AND WINE AND SOME LOVELY LOVELY WINE) for dinner because there is no way I can stomach looking at raw meat after that little adventure. Not for quite some time, I think.


Jess said...

But her EXPECTATIONS! They're so UNREASONABLE. Also, I think her pretending to nurse the doll is the best option in this case.

d e v a n said...

EW! Thank goodness for wine.

I would never go to any other grocery store again! That one sounds like a keeper!

Michelle said...

My nephew used to want to nurse my daughter all of the time and now he keeps trying with his sister. It's kind of funny. We try to explain to him that is what mommies do but it doesn't seem to work.

Those ladies at the grocery store sound wonderful!

Astarte said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Lego hair!!!!!

I can't believe those old people were so nice to you!!!! I would shop there every time after this. Wow.

mLou said...

Oh my goodness..had to laugh to myself about the garbage mago..
(I don't even want to say the word!!) We had those once years ago with corn cobs in the garbage. I just freeked!! I hosed down that puppy till our driveway was flooded. I remember our "science" son just thought it was too cool!!
Can't wait 'till his wife someday has that unforgettable experience!!

Mommy Daisy said...

I bought ovulation tests in May from here: I was surprised at how late in my cycle I ovulate. I need to go see someone to discuss all this. I found someone I thought I might like, then realized it was your OB/Gyn. Ha! There are a few others I found too. I need to narrow my search. Good luck this cycle.

Anonymous said...

OMG, wine is a total absolute given whenever maggots are involved. BLECH!

Tess said...

I had an...EXPERIENCE with garbage can maggots once, over TEN YEARS AGO, and I am STILL scarred. HORRORS.

Some of my FAVORITE moments of being a parent have been seeing Ava (who LOVES "babies"), do things to her babies that I do to her. Especially when she soothes them by rubbing their hair and saying "It's okay baby. It's okay." I guess that's one of those things that must be so awesome about being a grandparent.

Swistle said...

I think with your pizza, wine, and wine, you should have some wine.

Also, I once had a fly on my kitchen floor that had, er, died in childbirth. OMG.

CAQuincy said...

My daughters don't play with dolls. Well, Izzy did carry around a baby doll about the time she was 1, but she grew out of it rather quickly. And I'm so, so sad about it. Nope, ours is the house of the never-ending STUFFED ANIMAL collection. Ugh.

I once discovered a rotten apple core under the toy kitchen. The clean-up was...unbelievable. Can't. Discuss. (bleh)